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5 Reasons to Invest in a Shipping Container Restaurant

Benefits of Using a Shipping Container For a Pop-Up Restaurant

East Coast Containers Reasons to Invest in Shipping Container RestaurantIf you’re an entrepreneur and food lover looking to dive into the restaurant industry you may be hesitant due to the COVID pandemic, sky-high commercial rent costs and the price of construction, building & design materials. But there is a way to make your restaurant dream a reality: shipping container restaurant! Despite their rugged outwardly appearance, you can transform a 40’ storage container into a chic, modern and impressive eatery. Learn more popular ways to convert a shipping container! Read below the top 5 benefits of opening a restaurant or café using a shipping container as a storefront.

5 Benefits of Opening a Shipping Container Restaurant & Eatery

Less Expensive: The initial output will run you between $3,000 – $7,200 depending on the age and condition of the container. But after that, day-to-day operations are significantly lower than a stand-alone building with all the perks. Security upgrades, insulation, plumbing and electricity and other essential accessories & upgrades can be all be easily added without a huge price tag.

Timely Construction & Design: Storefront restaurant owners face many challenges that affect their opening date: plans, design approval, permits then building. A shipping container restaurant takes significantly less time from concept to “doors open.”

Better Pest Control: Even when food is safely and securely stored, rodents and insects will work relentlessly to enter the building through the tiniest crack to locate the feast. But with an airtight shipping container restaurant, you don’t have to worry about these pests finding any cracks or open seals.

Low Energy Cost: Without the presence of cracks and crevices your energy costs will be significantly lower! Not only is this a great benefit for your bottom line, but also a way to reduce your carbon footprint, a great selling point for customers.

Mobile: While your shipping container restaurant can certainly remain in one secure location for years to come when built on a foundation, your eatery is also portable! Follow the crowds at any time by creating a unique, portable pop-up restaurant. You will need a flatbed truck to move from location to location.

If you’re ready to share your culinary creations with the world, you should be convinced by now that a shipping container is the ideal solution. If shopping is more your thing, investing in a container retail shop might be a better idea! Order Online for fast delivery to your location on the east coast. East Coast Containers currently ships to Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, as south as North Carolina and as north as Vermont. After you place your order, be sure to read our guidelines for safe & effective delivery.

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