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20’ & 40’ Agricultural Storage Containers

A new or used shipping container makes the perfect storage device for farming and other agricultural based industries. East Coast Containers, a family owned & operated container supplier, sells 20’ & 40’ storage containers perfect for use in the farming industry. Our agricultural storage containers are made of quality, heavy-duty steel and weatherproof materials in order to protect the delicate crops, expensive machinery, excess harvest and more. East Coast Containers is based in Pennsylvania and can deliver to your farm or agricultural worksite from North Carolina up through Maryland, New York State, New Hampshire to Maine. Easily order your agricultural storage containers online or call our office for phone orders 215-407-8529.

East Coast Containers Buy Agricultural Storage Containers Online

Farming Uses for Agricultural Storage Containers

There are countless uses for storage containers on a farm or agricultural land. The most popular industries to purchase our shipping containers include farms growing tobacco, cotton, various produce, as well as the beef & cattle industry. Depending on your storage needs, our 20’ and 40’ new or used units can be converted to farm sheds, workshops, machinery garages or used for general de-cluttering. Since our shipping containers are weatherproof, you can also use them to store excess crops and grains, ensuring they are safe from the elements, insects and rodents. Check out some other innovative uses for a shipping container in the agricultural industry & more!

Shipping Containers for Farm & Agriculture Industry

With a limited time to harvest, store and ship your crops, East Coast Containers understands the need to purchase and receive your storage container quickly. As a professional shipping container supplier dedicated to the needs of our clients, we own a fleet of 25 trucks & flatbeds on call to deliver 7 days per week. While standard shipping is always available, we offer two expedited options for those in need of their container quickly. Rushed 2 day shipping or next day delivery can be added for an additional fee on any order placed before 12PM the previous day. In order to best prepare to receive your agricultural storage unit, please visit our Portable Storage Container Buying Guide or our FAQ page for more information.

Besides use in the farming industry, our shipping containers make great use for residential clients looking to store lawn mowers, extra household items or even convert it into a backyard shed! For more information on purchasing your storage container, please email eastcoastcontainersinc@gmail.com or give us a call at 215-407-8529.

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