Creative Uses for Shipping Containers in the Military

Practical Military Uses for Shipping & Storage Containers Shipping containers are a smart investment for a wide range of industries including medical, farming, construction and the military. Currently, there are over 17 million shipping containers in circulation throughout the world, but only about 5 million are active. There are 12 million containers sitting unused and […]

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Why Install a Lockbox on a Shipping Container?

Upgrade Shipping Container Safety with a Lockbox A lockbox is a small, square fitting that is welded onto the doors of your shipping container unit. The box conceals the inside lock and helps prevent would-be thieves from cutting the shackles and entering the container. The mechanism makes it extremely difficult for anyone to break into […]

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The Shipping Container: Fun Facts & Information

Interesting Shipping Containers Facts you Probably Didn’t Know! Shipping containers are a vital part of our modern economy; they are the lifeblood of industry and trade. Their safe arrival into US ports ensures we receive the essential goods and products needed to keep the economy going, thrive and survive. Practically all of the items we […]

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Comparison Between Storage Container, Shipping Container & Conex Boxes

Storage Container vs. Shipping Container vs. Conex Container: A Comparison All shipping containers are very large, weather & water-resistant boxes constructed out of heavy-duty corrugated steel. Commonly, they are used to ship and store cargo across the seas. In recent years, their popularity has grown when people discovered very clever transformations including homes, pools, restaurants, […]

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