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Benefits of Shipping Container Shed vs. Metal Shed

Shipping Container Shed vs. Meta Shed Pros & Cons

East Coast Container Shipping Container Shed vs. Metal Shed BenefitsIf you’re in need of extra storage you may be seeing a lot of residents opting for a storage unit vs. a metal shed, but why? East Coast Containers will help you decide the best option for your particular storage needs by highlight the pros & cons for both a shipping container shed and a metal shed. Considering factors for cost, security and assembly, we compared a 20FT storage container vs. 10 x 15FT metal shed.

Shipping Container Pros & Cons


  1. Security: Constructed of extra strength steel and heavy duty doors, storage containers are extremely safe & secure against theft, water and rodents.
  2. Minimal Set Up: There’s no assembly required; your shipping container supplier will simply unload it off the truck in your preferred area. Make sure to read our Storage Container Delivery Preparation Tips so your site is set up for a smooth drop off.
  3. Customization: Shipping container sheds can easily be customized, modified and upgraded to include security features, shelving, security locks, electricity and much more.


  1. Pricing: The upfront cost of a shipping container is more expensive compared to a metal shed. However, your investment could last you up to 25+ years with proper maintenance.
  2. Zone Restrictions: If you’re using the shipping container shed on a residential property you will need to verify with your township to ensure there are no zoning restrictions or permits needed.

Metal Shed Pros & Cons


  1. Up-front Cost: A metal shed costs less out of pocket with a lifespan of just about 10 years.
  2. Aesthetics: If you live in a neighborhood where the homes are close to each other they may appreciate a metal shed more than a larger storage container shed.


  1. Foundation Build & Cost: Many sheds need a slab of concrete foundation for stability and to prevent flooding or pest infestation. This is service should be handled by a masonry company, which is an additional cost for labor and materials.
  2. Flooring Not Included: Vinyl flooring is not included in the original purchase of the metal shed; this will run you about $300 on top of the cost of the foundation.
  3. Assembly: Although sheds come in pre-made kits there is still some assembly that needs to be done, which can occupy your whole afternoon if you’re not the handiest.

East Coast Containers provides durable, high quality new, used and high cube storage containers for all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs. Easily Buy a Shipping Container Online or call our office at 215-407-8529 for questions or phone orders.

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