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Best Shipping Container Security Locks

Shipping Container Locks you Should Invest In

East Coast Containers Best Shipping Container Locks to InvestWhether you purchase a new or used shipping container, we guarantee it is constructed of heavy duty steel and fortified doors, flooring and seals. East Coast Container has already highlighted the security upgrades you need for extra protection, which includes a several shipping container locks. Residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural container owners invest in our containers to ensure their valuables are protected against weather elements, pests, wildlife pests and especially theft. If you’re interested in upgrading your security, check out the best shipping container locks on the market right now. All of these below can be purchased at your local hardware store and are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of losing your goods.  

Top 5 Locks for Upgraded Shipping Container Security

Storage Container Padlocks: Padlocks are one of the most classic options to secure a cargo shipping container and are available in a variety of styles and materials. While they offer the best security when paired with a lock box, they are still an excellent security lock option on their own.

Crossbar Locks: If you’re looking for a container security lock, but don’t want the added expense of a lock box, crossbar locks are a very popular option. They simply attached to the container door and clamp securely into place. Crossbar locks are bolt cutter and lock pick resistant.

Heavy Duty Shipping Container Locks: Not only are these locks highly tamperproof, but they’re also extremely hard to pick due to the special steel material they’re constructed of. Adding to their security, the alloy steel pins prevent the lock from being sawed off.

Lock Boxes (Cargo or Roll Door): Lock boxes are available for both cargo and roll doors on shipping containers. These act as a second layer of security, because they cover the actual locking device. Tampering or picking lock boxes is nearly impossible as it is completely enclosed.  

Truck Seals: While effective, we only recommend these types of shipping containers locks if it is placed in a low risk area. Truck seals work similar to a zip tie and are mostly used to prevent the door from opening on its own.

Invest in Advanced Container Security Features

The shipping container locks highlighted above are all great options to ensure your valuables, goods, machinery and paperwork are extremely secure. The locks above can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another. East Coast Containers is a shipping container supplier offering a line of competitively priced, high quality new and used storage containers. To start protecting your valuables, order your container online today!

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