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Does my Shipping Container Need A Foundation?

Scenarios to Invest (or not) in Building a Shipping Container Foundation There is a great deal of innovative ways to transform a shipping container, from a pool to a yoga studio, backyard sauna, office building or even a house! If you’ve dreamed of building one of these structures or even if you simply need the […]

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Most Popular Shipping Container Uses in America

Popular Conversions of Shipping Container Units Constructed of heavy-duty steel, shipping containers are weatherproof and built to last many years. However, after multiple transoceanic trips exposed to harsh weather, sea air and salt water, eventually they must be retired from shipping goods and cargo. Afterwards, they’ll make a unique transition to storage or any number […]

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Essential Shipping Container Accessories & Upgrades

Invest in These 6 Shipping Container Accessories If you’re purchasing a storage container for your residential, construction or industrial storage needs not only do you need to prep the delivery site, but you also need to plan to invest in some upgrades. There are several necessary and practical shipping container accessories we recommend investing into […]

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Storage Container Delivery Preparation Tips

Effective Preparation Tips for Storage Container Delivery As one of the leading providers of new and used storage units throughout greater Philadelphia and the tri-state area, safety, security and integrity are the top priorities at East Coast Containers. Our storage container delivery process not only involves extensive inspections of the structural integrity, but some of […]

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Shipping Container Inspection Checklist

Buyers Guide to ECC Storage Container Inspection List When purchasing a used or even new shipping container all reputable suppliers will thoroughly inspect the unit to ensure the utmost in safety and security. East Coast Containers has an extensive shipping container checklist every unit in our inventory must undergo before it is sold or sent […]

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Factors Affecting Shipping Containers Structural Integrity

Tips to Maintain Shipping Containers Structural Integrity It is a fact that steel shipping containers are highly durable and built to last for many years, especially when well-maintained. While it is common to make modifications to your unit, many owners do not realize the long-term repercussions. Not only must your containers structural integrity remain intact […]

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