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Innovative Ways to Convert 20’ Shipping Containers

Creative Transformations of 20’ Shipping Containers It is well known that 20’ shipping containers provide the perfect storage solutions for your home, agricultural business, construction worksite and more. The durable stainless steel structure, weatherproof seals and affordability make them the perfect option for a multitude of storage needs. However, there are so many creative ways […]

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Shipping Container Security Upgrades to Protect your Valuables

Shipping Container Security Upgrades for Extra Protection New and used storage containers are constructed with heavy-duty steel and feature robust doors, timber flooring, durable seals and secure locking mechanisms. While this will protect your possessions against harmful weather elements, it does not ensure 100% protection against criminals looking for any way to gain access. Extra […]

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Popular Uses for Construction Site Container

Construction Site Container Modifications Whether you’re developing a community shopping center, installing a new section of highway or renovating a home these projects require a great deal of expensive tools, materials and machinery. We already know construction worksite storage containers ensure these valuable items are protected and keep the worksite organized. But there are many […]

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Guide to Used Shipping Container Conditions

Inspection Guide for Used Container Conditions Homeowners and businesses in the industrial or agricultural markets are always searching for inexpensive yet effective storage solutions. Whether it is for your lawn care tools, heavy machinery or to store grain you need to be sure your investment will pay off in the long run. Used shipping containers […]

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Guide to New Shipping Container Conditions

Importance of Conditions for New Container Purchase If you’re in the market to purchase a new shipping container, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the available options. When looking to invest in a durable solution to store your valuables you need to make sure you’re buying from a reputable supplier and getting a high […]

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Guide to shipping container maintenance

Easy Shipping Container Maintenance Tips Shipping containers were built to last and endure harsh weather, heavy loads and lots of movement, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the one you recently purchased. East Coast Containers has highlighted the top 7 shipping container maintenance tips you should perform to maximize its lifespan. These […]

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Creative Ways to use 40’ Shipping Containers

Creative Ideas to Convert 40’ Shipping Containers The storage container industry is vastly controlled by industrial & commercial companies who need durable & weatherproof ways to store precious machinery, tools and documents. However, many creative consumers have found a way to convert 40’ shipping containers into luxuries and comfort items at a discounted price. East […]

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Innovative Uses for a Shipping Container

New Ways to Transform a Shipping Container Shipping containers are used primarily for the transportation or storage of various cargo, household items, work equipment and other such valuables. Their weather proof, insulation and overall durability make the shipping container exceptionally valuable for residential, construction, retail and farming use all over the United States and worldwide. […]

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