Durable 20’ & 40’ Insulated Shipping Containers for Sale

If you need a storage container that will survive in the most extreme weather conditions, insulated shipping containers are your best option. They are portable like a standard container and provide many options for aesthetic and security upgrades. Insulated shipping containers offer years of protection whether you use your container to store medical equipment, construction jobsite materials or you’ve converted it into a home office. East Coast Containers sells insulated steel containers that can be used for a variety of residential, construction, industrial or medical uses. To ensure their quality, all containers are put through a strict quality control test to ensure doors, locks, seals & flooring function properly & meet our high standards. Order Insulated Shipping Containers Online.

East Coast Containers Insulated Weatherproof Shipping Containers

Benefits of Insulated Shipping Containers

The insulated storage containers available for purchase through East Coast Containers are non-working refrigerated containers with airtight seals and are fully insulated on all sides. These containers are designed to protect your goods, products and stock from weather elements including harsh UV rays, rain, snow, ice, damaging winds and more. Several benefits of an insulated container vs. a standard steel container include:

  • Maintain a more consistent internal temperature
  • Prevents rainwater and minimize the chance of condensation development
  • Don’t suffer wear & tear, like rust, as quickly, especially around doors & other openings
  • Less risk of damage from water, leaks & extreme temperatures

Buy Storage Containers Online

We are proud to hold a large inventory of competitively priced new, used, high cube and used high cube insulated shipping containers in 20’ and 40’ options. Our goal is to make the ordering process as simple as possible, while also providing the fastest delivery times in the industry. Through our website, you can easily order and pay for the container of your choice. When you’re ready to buy, visit the Order Form page and select the insulated new, used or high cube container you prefer, plus the size. Next, enter your zip code and hit “calculate” to display the price (tax & delivery are extra). Finally, select your preferred shipping option and await delivery preparation instructions for your container!

As a locally owned & operated shipping container supplier, East Coast Containers delivers only on the east coast as far north as Maine down to North Carolina. This ensures you receive your container in days – not weeks! Call our Morrisville, PA office for more information, questions or for phone orders.

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