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Storage Containers for Sale in Philadelphia

A large port city such as Philadelphia relies on storage containers to import, export and store precious cargo. Considered a top 20 container port handler in the United States, companies shipping and storing goods & merchandise in Philadelphia need a reliable container supplier they can depend on. East Coast Containers offers a large inventory of new and used storage containers with fast delivery to Philadelphia and the surrounding communities in the Lehigh Valley up to Pittsburgh, PA. For over 15 years, we’ve provided safe & effective storage solutions for residential use, as well as commercial, agricultural, retail, healthcare and more. Easily purchase Philadelphia storage containers online or call our office in Morrisville, PA for phone orders: 215-407-8529.

East Coast Containers Buy New & Used Storage Containers Philadelphia

New & Used Steel Storage Containers Philadelphia

Whether you purchase a new or used shipping container we guarantee every component is top quality. All of the containers in our inventory are constructed using heavy duty steel, durable timber flooring, strong doors and secure seals. These components ensure you can be confident your valuables will be safe and protected against weather elements, pests, rodents and more. Check out some extra safety & security upgrades you can add to your storage container. Besides quality construction, we go above and beyond for our clients by performing a thorough quality control test on every single unit. If we find any damaged or compromised part it will be fixed and re-inspected before it is eligible for sale.

Fast Delivery on 20’ & 40’ Containers

At East Coast Containers we not only guarantee a premium storage container, but we also offer some of the fastest shipping in the industry. We never make our clients wait weeks for delivery! Our fleet of trucks is comprised of 25 short trucks, long beds and trailers with drivers available every day of the week. This large fleet ensures we can deliver multiple orders throughout our shipping areas on the east coast from North Carolina up through Maine. East Coast Containers is dedicated to providing our customers with fast delivery and affordable pricing on our 20’ & 40’ used sea containers & new shipping containers.

Visit our box containers FAQ page for more information on payment options, shipping information and how to properly prepare for your delivery. Any questions not answered on our website, please call our office at 215-407-8529 and one of our friendly staff members is happy to help you. If you’re ready to make your container purchase, please feel free to do so through our safe & secure website.

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