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New England is a northeastern region of the United States comprising of 6 states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. With a mix of residential neighborhoods, new construction projects, hospitals and offices, there’s a great need for both new and used storage containers. East Coast Containers offers a large inventory of used shipping containers, new shipping containers and high cube containers with fast delivery throughout New England. Our durable, weather-proof containers can withstand the fluctuating temperatures in New England. From the long, cold winters where heavy snow is common to hot & humid summers and springs with heavy rain, you can rest assured your container will protect your goods all year long. Order Storage Containers in New England Online.

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20’ & 40’ Storage Containers Shipped Fast to New England

We are proud to be one of New England’s top distributors of shipping containers for use in residential, commercial, industrial and medical industry storage. In business for over 15 years, we’ve learned that the root of success is customer satisfaction. To provide some of the fastest delivery times in the industry, we’ve cut out the 3rd party transportation companies. Not only does this save our customers time on delivery, but also money on the cost of our containers. From our own properties, containers are loaded & shipped to you using our own drivers and trucks. This allows us to track the deliveries at all times and stay in communication with our clients.

Our Shipping Container Guarantee

At East Coast Containers we pride ourselves on the quality of our shipping containers, whether you buy them new or used. We guarantee the structural integrity of the storage container doors, floors and roof, but we cannot cover any cosmetic issues. Doors that seal, floors without holes and leak free units are just a few of Our Shipping Container Guarantee for 100% client satisfaction. If the exterior cosmetics are important to you, purchasing a new storage container provides the highest level of aesthetics. Used shipping containers will have some surface rust, patches and other imperfections, but will protect your goods and valuables.

Easily order containers to your New England location directly through our website or call 215-407-8529 for phone order or questions. We pledge fast delivery to our clients, no matter your location (weather permitting). Our drivers are out 7 days per week to make sure your order arrives as quickly as possible.

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