20’ & 40’ Retired Sea Containers for Sale

Sea containers are specifically designed to pass tests regarding weight and safety that allow them to receive an ISO certification. The certification deems the unit safe for marine use, whereas shipping containers do not need any added accreditations to ship cargo. This type of unit provides an added level of safety and security when transporting by sea. Eventually the unit will retire, but their durability will remain intact. It can be repurposed into a commercial storage container to safely store and protect your valuables against any harsh weather condition. East Coast Containers is Pennsylvania’s leading supplier for used sea containers that have since retired and are now available as storage units for residential, agricultural or medical products. Buy Storage Containers Online.

East Coast Containers Used Sea Containers for Sale

Difference Between Sea Containers & Shipping Containers

The easiest way to explain the differences between these two types of units is this: all sea containers are shipping containers, but not all storage containers are sea containers. Structurally and aesthetically, both units look and function very similarly. Both are constructed with high quality, corrugated steel and are used to transport goods & cargo by sea, train or land. The main difference between these two types of containers is that sea containers must meet ISO standards, a strict requirement for structural soundness and overall safety. The ISO is an independent, non-government organization that certifies if containers are safe to travel in the harsh conditions common in land and sea travel. ISO standards vary depending on the cargo the container will transport; dry goods have a different requirement than liquids, which are more challenging to ship.

Rigorous Container Inspection Process

At East Coast Containers, we’re dedicated to providing the utmost in customer service and client satisfaction. Every single one of our new or used storage containers undergoes a rigorous inspection to check all safety and security features. The exterior provides protection against the elements and is weather-proof and built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. If strength and reliability are important factors when purchasing a container, order from East Coast Containers! Read more about our Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

All retired (used) sea boxes are available in either 20’ or 40’ dimensions. We ship and deliver fast throughout the east coast and to all major cities. Call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 for more information and for phone orders.

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