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Order Shipping Containers in Vermont

East Coast Containers is your #1 source for shipping containers in Vermont! As a family-owned and operated shipping containers seller, we’re dedicated to providing quality containers at fair prices and the fastest delivery in the industry! With over 15 years of industry experience, the foundation of East Coast Containers is rooted in customer satisfaction and offering below market prices on high-quality shipping containers to our Vermont clients. Since we hold our portable storage containers at our Newark, NJ or Baltimore, MD facilities, we’re able to ship them directly to you using our own fleet of 25 trucks and employed drivers. This allows us to cut out the 3rd party transportation companies and save our customers time and money! Learn how to order your Vermont shipping containers from East Coast Containers below.

East Coast Containers Shipping Containers Vermont

20’ New Storage Containers Specs

Our 20’ containers are ideal for residential storage, small businesses or contractors to securely store lawn mowers, tools, outdoor furniture, light machinery, cement bags or general household items. The containers we sell are made of extra-strength steel, featuring heavy duty doors, secure locks and durable floors. These standard features protect your equipment, machinery, documents or household items from the weather elements and pest damage. Order Online.

20ft. New Shipping Container Dimensions

20ft External Length
19ft 9in Internal Length
8ft 6in External Height
7ft 10in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7th 10in Internal Width

40’ New Shipping Container Specs

The larger, 40ft containers meet the storage needs of the medical industry, agriculture, restaurants, corporations and industrial businesses. The additional space allows for the storage of large pieces of machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, cars, tools, refrigerators & freezers and more. Constructed from robust steel and featuring heavy-duty timber floors, your valuable and expensive equipment will be safe, secure and protected. Order Online.

40ft. New Shipping Container Dimensions

40ft External Length
39ft 9in Internal Length
8ft 6in External Height
7ft 10 in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 10in Internal Width

Steps for Vermont Storage Container Delivery

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Enter your Zip Code

Use the East Coast Containers’ website to get an instant quote on the container of your choice. Simply enter your zip code on our order form to pull up available inventory and pricing. The total includes the cost of the container and shipping fees. Our prices are upfront – never hidden expenses or extra charges!

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Choose your Vermont Shipping Container

East Coast Containers holds a large inventory of both new and used 20’ and 40’ shipping containers at our facilities in Newark, NJ and Baltimore, MD. Once you enter your zip code, a list of containers is displayed, these are the ones available for fast shipping in your Vermont zip code. Please include in your order which way to load the box container doors: facing cab of truck OR facing rear of truck. If the doors face the rear, the doors of the container will come off the trailer first.

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Place your Order & await Fast Delivery

Finalize & pay for your order right through our secure website, we accept all major credit cards. You’ll receive a confirmation email containing your receipt, instructions and date of delivery so you can prepare to receive your shipping container.

Vermont Shipping Container Delivery – 7 Days!

If you need a storage container shipped to your Vermont business quickly – East Coast Containers is here to fulfill your needs! Since we stock our inventory on our own property, we’re not controlled by the ports and can deliver to your Vermont location 7 days per week. For more information on payment options and shipment preparation tips, visit our box containers FAQ page. Order your Vermont shipping container online, or call 215-407-8529 for phone purchases.

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