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Shipping Containers for Sale in North Carolina

As a state that experiences all 4 seasons, paired with the high probability of hurricanes and flash floods, the demand for insulated shipping containers is very high. Homeowners and business owners in North Carolina who need an inexpensive way to keep their valuables safe all year round should invest in a new or used storage container. East Coast Containers provides durable, portable shipping containers to protect your valuables against the heat, humidity, rain and freezing temperatures common in North Carolina. Our new and used storage containers are available in 20’ or 40’ options for your convenience. Buy shipping containers online with guaranteed fast delivery to your North Carolina home, construction site or business location.

East Coast Containers Shipping Containers North Carolina

New & Used Shipping Containers North Carolina

New Shipping Containers: New storage containers are classified as being less than 1 year old and in very clean condition. Our new containers have yet to be exposed to the harsh marine elements, making them free of any rust. Since they arrive directly at our facility from the manufacturer, these containers do not display any logos from past use, dents or scratches. If aesthetics are an important buying factor for your storage needs, this is your best option. Buy Shipping Containers Online.

Used Shipping Containers: If the look of your portable storage container is not of a concern to you, our used models will work just fine! They’re made with the same durable, waterproof and insulated materials as the new units to safeguard all of your valuable items. Before the containers are delivered to your North Carolina location, they are put through a quality control test to inspect the locks, seals, flooring and door functionality. Buy Shipping Containers Online.

Fast Storage Container Delivery to NC

At East Coast Containers, we know you cannot afford to wait when it comes to storing your valuable items, which is why we guarantee fast shipping, 7 days per week. We’re able to do this, because we hold our entire container inventory in Newark, NJ or Baltimore, MD, freeing us from port rules or hours. Our team of drivers has access to a fleet of 25 trucks and is prepared to load, ship and deliver 7 days, even on weekends!

Order your shipping containers in North Carolina directly through our safe and secure website. Simply enter your zip code for available inventory in your area, select your ideal container & shipping preference. To better accommodate you upon delivery, please note on the order form which way you’d like us to lead the box container doors: facing cab of truck OR facing rear of truck. For questions or to order over the phone, call our Pennsylvania office today at: 215-407-8529. We also deliver to the surrounding states of Virginia, and up to Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware and more.

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