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Storage Containers for Sale in Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to The Port of Boston, a major seaport located in Boston Harbor, adjacent to the city of Boston. Not only is it the largest port in the state, it is one of the principal ports on the East Coast! Large port cities like Boston and Philadelphia rely on storage containers to import, export and store precious goods and cargo. Companies shipping and storing goods and merchandise in Boston need a reliable container supplier. East Coast Containers has a large inventory of new and used storage containers with fast delivery to Boston and the surrounding communities of Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Throughout our 15 years in business, we’ve provided effective storage solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, retail and medical industries. Purchase Boston storage containers online or call our main office 215-407-8529 for phone orders.

East Coast Containers Storage Containers for Sale Boston MA

New, Used & High Cube Storage Containers

We guarantee the quality and durability of our units, whether you buy used or new shipping containers. Every container in our inventory is constructed with heavy duty steel, durable timber floors, strong doors, leak-free roofing system and secure seals. The quality control check ensures you can be confident your valuables will be safe; protected against weather elements, pests, rodents and more. If we find any damaged or compromised part, it will be fixed and re-inspected before it is sold on our website. For added security, see some extra safety upgrades you can add to your storage container after delivery.

Fast Delivery of 20’ and 40’ Containers to Boston, MA

As a commitment to our excellence, East Coast Containers guarantees some of the fastest shipping in the industry for our premium storage containers. Our clients don’t wait weeks for delivery! East Coast Containers has a fleet of 25 short trucks, long beds and trailers with drivers available 7 days per week. The large fleet ensures we can deliver multiple orders to our various shipping areas in Boston, the state of Massachusetts and the surrounding areas of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and upstate New York. East Coast Containers is dedicated to providing customers with fast delivery and competitive pricing on our 20’ and 40’ used sea containers and new storage containers.

For more information on containers, payment options or how to prepare for your container delivery, visit our FAQ page. If you do not see the answer to your question, please feel free to call our office 215-407-8529 or email eastcoastcontainersinc@gmail.com and a member of our staff will be happy to help you. You can make your purchase online through our safe and secure ordering and payment portal.

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