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Unlocking the Versatility: Transforming Shipping Containers into Unique Business Spaces

In recent years, shipping containers have transcended their traditional role as cargo carriers and have found new life as innovative business spaces. Entrepreneurs and business owners are recognizing the endless possibilities these containers offer, from pop-up shops and cafes to art galleries and boutique stores. In this blog, we’ll explore the versatility of shipping containers […]

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The Benefits of Using Shipping Containers from East Coast Containers for Mobile Storage

The Benefits of Using Shipping Containers from East Coast Containers for Mobile Storage Solutions Introduction: Shipping containers from East Coast Containers have become increasingly popular not only for transporting goods but also for their versatile applications in various industries. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using shipping containers from East Coast […]

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Top Industries to Use Storage Containers

Top Industries Utilizing New & Used Storage Containers Shipping containers are used across a wide variety of industries. Gone are the days when they were strictly used to carry goods all over the world. Today, you’ll see storage containers transformed into tiny homes, schools, emergency hospitals, offices, restaurants, retail stores, swimming pools and so much […]

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Creative Uses for Shipping Containers in the Military

Practical Military Uses for Shipping & Storage Containers Shipping containers are a smart investment for a wide range of industries including medical, farming, construction and the military. Currently, there are over 17 million shipping containers in circulation throughout the world, but only about 5 million are active. There are 12 million containers sitting unused and […]

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The Shipping Container: Fun Facts & Information

Interesting Shipping Containers Facts you Probably Didn’t Know! Shipping containers are a vital part of our modern economy; they are the lifeblood of industry and trade. Their safe arrival into US ports ensures we receive the essential goods and products needed to keep the economy going, thrive and survive. Practically all of the items we […]

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Shipping Container Inspection Checklist

Buyers Guide to ECC Storage Container Inspection List When purchasing a used or even new shipping container all reputable suppliers will thoroughly inspect the unit to ensure the utmost in safety and security. East Coast Containers has an extensive shipping container checklist every unit in our inventory must undergo before it is sold or sent […]

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Maintenance Tips to Protect your Shipping Container this Winter

Winter Shipping Container Maintenance Tips One of the main advantages to purchasing a storage container is their ability to withstand tough weather conditions for a long period of time. However, this doesn’t mean you should have a “set it and forget it” mentality when it comes to your unit. Keeping up on maintenance and repairs […]

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Security Features your Shipping Container Locks Must Have

Best Storage Container Security Lock Features When you invest in a shipping container to safeguard valuables against harsh weather conditions and nefarious people you should consider adding a lock for extra protection. East Coast Containers has already outlined our top 5 locks for upgraded shipping container security, which safeguard your items against thieves and wildlife […]

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Popular Uses for Construction Site Container

Construction Site Container Modifications Whether you’re developing a community shopping center, installing a new section of highway or renovating a home these projects require a great deal of expensive tools, materials and machinery. We already know construction worksite storage containers ensure these valuable items are protected and keep the worksite organized. But there are many […]

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