Why Install a Lockbox on a Shipping Container?

Upgrade Shipping Container Safety with a Lockbox A lockbox is a small, square fitting that is welded onto the doors of your shipping container unit. The box conceals the inside lock and helps prevent would-be thieves from cutting the shackles and entering the container. The mechanism makes it extremely difficult for anyone to break into […]

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Shipping Container Rust Prevention Tips

How to Prevent Rust Buildup on a Shipping Container Constructed from durable corrugated steel, storage containers are meant to withstand the corrosive elements from rain, saltwater and industrial pollutants. However, they are susceptible to physical damage from being transported on and off cargo ships and trucks. The loading & unloading process can chip away at […]

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Does my Shipping Container Need A Foundation?

Scenarios to Invest (or not) in Building a Shipping Container Foundation There is a great deal of innovative ways to transform a shipping container, from a pool to a yoga studio, backyard sauna, office building or even a house! If you’ve dreamed of building one of these structures or even if you simply need the […]

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