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Common Shipping Container Repairs & Maintenance

Shipping Container Repairs to Extend the Lifespan

East Coast Containers Shipping Container Repairs & Maintenance ServicesAlthough all storage containers are constructed using highly durable, heavy-duty steel, they are susceptible to wear and tear during transportation and when exposed to the elements. While your reputable container supplier will run a full inspection to ensure there is no glaring damage, shipping container repairs are necessary from time to time. The common repairs and maintenance services East Coast Containers has highlighted below are minor, providing protection from wind & water damage. Investing in your shipping container and keeping up on cleaning, maintenance and repairs will only help to extend the life of your structure.

5 Common Repairs & Maintenance Services Shipping Containers Need

Replacing Door Seals: Maintaining airtight and watertight seals are extremely important to ensure any valuables kept inside the container are safe against the weather, dirt, dust and rodents. If the door’s rubber seals are old and damaged they will need to be replaced before your items are stored within the unit.  

Damaged Flooring: While constructed using marine-grade plywood, the flooring of your shipping container becomes damaged due to weight and water damage. Fortunately, this is a simple shipping container repair! Purchase new treated lumber to prevent moisture and replace the sections of the flooring that are damaged.

Remove Rust: Oftentimes, shipping containers develop surface rust when the paint begins to wear down and with prolonged exposure to sun and rain. You can easily sandblast these rust patches away then prime and repaint the area for added protection.

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Door Replacement: If your shipping container doors become stiff, not shutting correctly or they are not sitting evenly the doors should be replaced. Ineffective door systems put your valuable items in danger of damage or susceptible to thieves.

Fresh Coat of Paint: A new coat of paint will not only refresh the entire look of your storage container, but it will also add a very important layer of protection.

Tips for Storage Container Upkeep

These simple shipping container repairs are cost efficient investments to ensure your unit lasts for many years to come. At East Coast Containers we supply both new and used storage containers in high cube or standard height and 20’ or 40’ sizes. We proudly service commercial, industrial and residential clients up and down the east coast from North Carolina up through Maine. You can easily buy shipping containers online through our safe and secure website or call our Pennsylvania office for phone orders: 215-407-8529.

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