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Comparison Between Storage Container, Shipping Container & Conex Boxes

Storage Container vs. Shipping Container vs. Conex Container: A Comparison

East Coast Container Storage & Shipping Container Comparison GuideAll shipping containers are very large, weather & water-resistant boxes constructed out of heavy-duty corrugated steel. Commonly, they are used to ship and store cargo across the seas. In recent years, their popularity has grown when people discovered very clever transformations including homes, pools, restaurants, retail stores, WFH offices and much more! Throughout the years, the storage container industry has come up with a lot of different names for their products. To avoid confusion when making your purchase, East Coast Containers has created a storage container comparison guide. Below, you will find common names and the differences between a storage container, shipping container, cargo container (sea containers) and Conex box.

Major Comparison Between Storage, Shipping & Conex Containers

Shipping Containers: This is the most common name and refers to standard size boxes used to store and transport goods across the sea via a cargo ship. These containers are made from corrugated steel which slows the corrosion process when exposed to the salt air and water during transportation. Standard sizes are 20ft. and 40ft. with endless modifications and customizations available.

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Storage Containers: Storage containers are available in multiple sizes and constructed from a range of materials. These containers will not hold up well under the rough conditions of sea travel but are better suited to store personal and commercial goods at a stand-alone location or minimal travel.

Cargo Containers: This term is interchangeable with shipping containers and refers to their use of transporting cargo across the seas.

Conex Boxes: You’ll see the spelling as either “Conex” or “Connex” boxes, which are both technically correct. Throughout the years these containers evolved into modular units that are stackable to store more goods in one location.

Buy Shipping & Storage Containers Online

East Coast Containers is a reputable shipping container supplier with delivery available up and down the east coast from North Carolina up through Pennsylvania into Maine. Easily Order Online through our safe and secure website. Our inventory includes a variety of new, used and high cube containers in 20ft. and 40ft. options depending on your storage needs, conversion ideas and budget. All of our containers are constructed from corrugated steel for the ultimate protection against rain, UV rays and pests. We proudly offer some of the fastest delivery times in the industry – guaranteed!

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