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Does my Shipping Container Need A Foundation?

Scenarios to Invest (or not) in Building a Shipping Container Foundation

East Coast Container Reasons you Need a Shipping Container FoundationThere is a great deal of innovative ways to transform a shipping container, from a pool to a yoga studio, backyard sauna, office building or even a house! If you’ve dreamed of building one of these structures or even if you simply need the unit for storage, you may be wondering: Do I Need to Build a Shipping Container Foundation? The answer is simple: it depends. East Coast Containers, a shipping container supplier, offers 3 scenarios in which you do not need to build a shipping container foundation and one where you do.

3 Reasons you Don’t Need a Foundation for a Shipping Container

Frequent Relocation: Retail businesses, restaurants, studios or other such shipping container shops that are constantly on the move following their clientele do not need to worry about building a platform foundation. Just make sure that the ground is flat and dry or there is parking lot accessibility.

On Site for 30 Days to 1 Year: If you’re using the container for temporary storage on a construction site a foundation is not necessary. Be sure to frequently check the ground for sinking/settling which can damage your equipment. You may want to consider laying down some gravel for some reinforcement if it will be on site for a long period of time.

Ground is Flat, Level & Dry: In general, if you live in an area that is doesn’t experience frequent heavy rainfall and you have access to flat, level land then building a shipping container foundation is not necessary.

Shipping Container Homes NEED a Foundation

Since shipping container homes will not be moved frequently, if ever, and are two- or three-story structures they must be built on a highly stable platform. Over the years weather will take its toll on the ground and cause shifting, sinking or sliding. Don’t take this chance with your storage container home, make sure you build a solid, durable platform. Similarly, fixed storage container garages, workshops, studios and office spaces should be placed on a concrete foundation.

The most important thing to remember is that your container always sits on a flat, level surface. This ensures your doors don’t stick, pooling water on the roof, plumbing issues on other costly problems. Make sure to keep up on regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain a safe, secure, rust-free shipping container. Purchase a use or new shipping container directly from our safe & secure website or call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 for more information or phone orders.

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