Essential Shipping Container Accessories & Upgrades

Invest in These 6 Shipping Container Accessories

East Coast Containers Shipping Container Accessories & Upgrades to Invest InIf you’re purchasing a storage container for your residential, construction or industrial storage needs not only do you need to prep the delivery site, but you also need to plan to invest in some upgrades. There are several necessary and practical shipping container accessories we recommend investing into not only for safety reasons, but for your own convenience. East Coast Containers, a reputable shipping container supplier, highlights the essential accessories you should invest in to get the most security and storage out of your unit.

6 Practical Accessories for a Shipping Container

Lock Box: To ensure maximum safety and security for your valuables it is a good idea to invest in an extra steel box to place over the existing lock. A lock box prevents would-be thieves from tampering with the door or using bolt cutters to enter your container.

Built-in Shelves: Shelving will help to keep your items, paperwork and other valuables organized and easily accessible. Make sure to secure the shelving unit to the wall to ensure safety during travel.

A Chassis: If you plan on moving the storage container a few times per year you definitely want to invest in a chassis. This is a smart investment when it comes to shipping container accessories whether you’re going on a short trip or a long haul across the county.

Ramps: Ease the weight on your back, arms and legs by investing in light duty or heavy-duty ramps. They easily attach onto the container floor and allow you to transport your valuables on and off the container using a hand truck.

Lights: You get very little natural light inside of a shipping container, especially in the winter months when the sun is gone before 5PM. A custom LED lighting system gives you access to your goods and valuables 24/7.

Alarm System: This is probably the most important of all the shipping container accessories East Coast Containers added on this list. While a lock box gives you added security, an alarm system equipped with lighting and cameras will catch any potential thieves or vandals in the act. See other ways to increase your shipping container security and protect your valuables.

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