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Factors Affecting Shipping Containers Structural Integrity

Tips to Maintain Shipping Containers Structural Integrity

East Coast Containers Shipping Containers Structural Integrity Maintenance TipsIt is a fact that steel shipping containers are highly durable and built to last for many years, especially when well-maintained. While it is common to make modifications to your unit, many owners do not realize the long-term repercussions. Not only must your containers structural integrity remain intact to protect the valuables stored inside, but also to ensure safe alterations in the future. Routine maintenance throughout the year, especially to the roofing and door components, immensely helps to expand the life of your container. However, you must also consider the factors below that can negatively affect your shipping containers structural integrity.

3 Factors Compromising the Structural Integrity of Shipping Containers

Improperly Stacking Containers: Whether for storage purposes or creating container complexes, stacking is very common and not harmful, as long as you’re doing it correctly. Incorrectly piling containers on top of each other not only causes structural damage, but it is extremely dangerous. Always stack units at the corners, never diagonally, then fasten them together with twist locks. Following these techniques ensures a structurally sound, multi-level shipping container building.

Excessive Modifications: Alterations are a part of almost every storage container process. Whether you’re transforming your unit into a garage/workshop or you just want to add security upgrades for increased safety, changes will inevitably happen. But, there are several ways these modifications will negatively affect the structural integrity of the unit. For example, cutting out too large a space for additional doors or cutting too close to the corners will cause an uneven distribution of weight.

Frequently Sea Travel: Frequent travel and exposure to sea air and salt water can speed up the deterioration process. While dents and rust are quite common for used shipping containers, be sure to inspect the unit for signs that modifications could be dangerous. Refer to our inspection guide for used container conditions to have a good understanding of what a safe and structurally sound container looks like.

Purchase New & Used Storage Containers Online

Whether used for residential storage purchases or you plan on taking on an innovative transformation, East Coast Containers supplies new and used units for all purposes. Every container in we sell is put under a rigorous inspection to ensure the roofing, doors and flooring are structurally sound. For more information about buying a shipping container visit our How it Works page or call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 today!

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