Guide to Securing a Shipping Container to the Ground

When is it Necessary to Fasten my Shipping Container to the Ground?

East Coast Containers How to Anchor Shipping Container to GroundIf you’re weighing your options and wondering if it is necessary to anchor down your shipping container to the ground, keep in mind that it is not always required. For the most part, we recommend securing the container to the concrete or dirt ground if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, tornados or hurricanes. Anchoring the unit is a good option to ensure the storage container stays intact, especially when winds exceed 180 mph. But the bottom line is all containers are heavy even before you’ve put your items inside.

10 ft Containers: ~2,200 lbs.
20 ft Containers: ~4,500 lbs.
40 ft Containers: ~8,000 lbs.
40 ft High Cube Containers: ~8,775 lbs.

While these weights plus the durability of the units can withstand the impact of storms, you may want to secure the container in case of weather, natural disasters or just for peace of mind. East Coast Containers provides some easy and effective ways to anchor your shipping container to concrete or dirt ground.

How to Anchor a Storage Container to Ground, Concrete or Dirt

To ensure a stable platform for the shipping container, it is best to plan ahead and decide the best course of action before your unit arrives.

Concrete Footings: This is the most ideal way to secure the storage container. First, you’ll construct concrete footings to anchor each corner of the unit. This is easily done, because containers are built with corner castings that allow them to be tied to the ground.

Steel Plate: Another popular method is to use a steel plate to attach the container to a concrete pad foundation.

Twist Locks: Originally designed to stack containers on ships, trucks and trains, it is the fastest and easiest way to secure a container to foundation.

Steel Chains: Shipping containers can be anchored to the ground using heavy-duty steel chains; be sure the chain is high-grade strength. The easy installation includes fishing the chain through the hole of the corner casting and connecting it to a hook that is attached to the foundation.

Securing your container to the ground or a foundation ensures it won’t budge in the event of a major storm. But, for the majority of shipping container owners it is not necessary. If you’ve already ordered your container, read our blog to prepare for your delivery. For more information, refer to our FAQ page or call 215-407-8529 our office to speak to a knowledgeable representative.

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