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Guide to New Shipping Container Conditions

Importance of Conditions for New Container Purchase

East Coast Container Guide to New Container ConditionsIf you’re in the market to purchase a new shipping container, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the available options. When looking to invest in a durable solution to store your valuables you need to make sure you’re buying from a reputable supplier and getting a high quality product. East Coast Containers has prepared a guide to new container conditions to ensure our buyers get the most out of their investment. Whether it is a 20’ unit, 40’ or high cube model, the condition of your new shipping container is of the utmost importance to protect your equipment, household items, machinery & more.

New Container Conditions to Ensure Quality

Very little dents/damage: Since new storage containers have yet to be exposed to the harsh marine & environmental elements, they should be free of dents and scratches. This is an important condition to look for, because as the first owner of the new container, it should be of the highest aesthetic value.

No Rust: Similarly, your new container should not show any signs of rust in the interior or exterior. Rust is the number one cause of container degradation and markedly decreases the lifespan.

Wind & Water Tight: All seals and locks must be inspected to ensure they will keep out all weather elements and any possible intruders. A thorough inspection is necessary to ensure your new storage container should provide the utmost in protection for your valuable items.

In-tact Flooring: Since the flooring in many new shipping containers is made with heavy-duty timber wood it is rare the flooring would be damaged during the delivery to your site. However, broken flooring could deem the container not usable and cost you more money out of pocket for repairs.

Paint: Low on our list of new container conditions to inspect for, it is still an important factor when making the purchase. Many buyers purchase a new storage container because it has never been used before, but also to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing. If the look of your container is very important to you, you should inspect the paint before purchase.

Buy New Shipping Containers Online

We hope you’ve found our guide to new storage container conditions helpful on your search. If you’re ready to make your purchase, East Coast Containers offers a large inventory of new shipping containers available in 40’ standard or 40’ high cube. As a premier shipping container supplier, we guarantee our new units are of the highest quality and aesthetics. Easily purchase online today for guaranteed fast shipping. Once your container has been delivered, make sure you follow these easy shipping container maintenance tips to maximize its lifespan.

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