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Guide to Used Shipping Container Conditions

Inspection Guide for Used Container Conditions

East Coast Containers Buyer Inspection Guide Used Shipping Container ConditionsHomeowners and businesses in the industrial or agricultural markets are always searching for inexpensive yet effective storage solutions. Whether it is for your lawn care tools, heavy machinery or to store grain you need to be sure your investment will pay off in the long run. Used shipping containers provide safe, durable and weatherproof means to store all of your valuable items. As an expert storage container supplier with over 1,000 units in our inventory, East Coast Containers is providing you insider inspection tips on used container conditions you need to look for during your purchase!

Evaluation Tips for Used Shipping & Storage Container Conditions

Weatherproof Door Gaskets: A used storage container that lacks weatherproof seals is completely useless for effective storing solutions. The best indication the unit can safeguard your valuables against water is the condition of the door gaskets. Gaskets should be tightly sealed, easy to open and free of rust, rot, cuts and/or tears.

Flooring: Of all used container conditions the flooring is the second most important. The interior wood floor should be level, strong and free of any moisture damage. While minor holes can be easily repaired, it is also be a sign of poor overall maintenance.

Roofing: Just like any home or building structure, the roofing system of a container is vital in offering protection against damaging weather elements. When inspecting your used storage container conditions, be sure to refrain from purchase if the roof has pinholes and rust.

Rust: As you learned from our shipping container maintenance guide surface rust is perfectly natural and can be easily removed with a mix of Windex and water. The rust you’ll want to avoid is large patches that have begun to seep through inside the container.

Buy Quality Used Shipping Containers Online

The main reason to invest in a used storage unit is because they offer the same durability and weatherproof security as a new unit, but are more cost efficient due to their lack of aesthetics. You do not need to compromise on quality when it comes to a used container, especially when you’re buying from a reputable container supplier such as East Coast Containers. Our used storage containers are put through a rigorous quality control inspection to ensure all of the above components meet our high standards. However, if you’re leaning towards a new unit, read our guide to new shipping container conditions. Easily buy shipping containers online using our safe and secure website. Call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 for phone orders as well.

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