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Buy High Cube Shipping Containers Online

East Coast Containers offers a variety of high quality, durable, wind & rain proof containers in 20’, 40’ or 40’ high cube options. High cube shipping containers are very similar to 40’ new or used storage containers but are the more popular buying option due to their extra height. While it may not seem like much, one extra foot of height adds ~344 cubic feet of storage capacity! Purchasing one of our high cube models is ideal for storing lightweight, bulky cargo, such as construction equipment or machinery. Our high cube shipping containers are stored at either our Newark, NJ or Baltimore, MD facility and can be shipped directly to your location on the east coast as south as North Carolina all the way up to Maine.

East Coast Containers Buy High Cube Shipping Containers

40’ High Cube Container Specs

40’ high cube shipping containers are available for purchase online in both new and used conditions. New containers are less than one year old and container little to no imperfections (rust, dents, scratches) as they have yet to be exposed to the harsh marine environments. Used shipping containers however will vary in color, display logos from past use and have visible dents and minor rust. Rest assured, all our containers are put through a rigorous quality control test to ensure the doors, locks, seals & flooring meet our quality standards. Your business or personal use and display of the container will determine if new or used conditions are right for you. Used High Cube Storage Containers are also available for purchase.

40’ High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions

40ft External Length
39ft 5in Internal Length
9ft 6in External Height
8ft 9in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 8in Internal Width

HQ & Standard Storage Containers

Whether you’re using a HQ container for storage of residential or commercial items or plan to convert it into a workshop or office space, East Coast Containers guarantees the fastest delivery in the local market! Every container in our inventory is stocked at one of our facilities, which means we are not controlled by port opening and closure days/times. Once we receive an order, it can be processed, packed and on its way to you within a few hours!

Easily Order Shipping Containers Online through our safe & secure website. For questions, concerns or phone orders, feel free to call our Morrisville, PA office at 215-407-8529. One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members is available to help in any way during normal business hours of 9AM – 5PM Monday through Friday. Read Our Shipping Container Guarantee for our commitment fo our customers.

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