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How to Keep a Shipping Container Cool During the Summer

Guide to Keeping Your Shipping Container Cool all Summer Long

East Coast Containers Tips to Keeping a Shipping Container Cool Summer SeasonThe dog days of summer are quickly approaching and if you’re using a shipping container for residential, commercial, construction, medical or any other type of storage, you know how hot & stuffy it can get inside! Just like your car, external weather conditions will decide the temperature inside your storage container. When the temperatures begin to climb well into the 90s, you can expect to be greeted with a blast of hot, humid air once you open the door! Protect your valuables and maintain comfort with our guide to keeping your shipping container cool all summer long!

10 Easy Tips to Keep your Shipping Container Cool this Summer Season

Start with the Shipping Container Roof: The roof of your shipping container will absorb all the heat from the sun, which will seep inside. A coat of light-colored paint (white or light gray reflective paint) can make a huge difference to the inside temperature.

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Install Venting & Air Units: Storage container vents, air conditioning units, exhaust fans and a dehumidifier are all options to increase airflow and keep your container comfortable & cool throughout the summer.

Don’t Store Anything with High Moisture Content.

Insulation: Much like your home, insulation in a storage container is necessary to control temperature and moisture. Spray insulation is the most common for containers as it is long-lasting and easy to install without much experience.

Build a Foundation in a Shaded Area. Gravel or pressure-treated blocks can help to increase airflow when a foundation is not necessary

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Keep Roof Clear: Regularly inspect the roof for leaves and moss buildup. These are known to trap moisture and will increase the temperature inside the container.

Don’t Black Air Vents.

Use Cat Litter: States with particularly high levels of humidity like Maine, Vermont and New York will benefit from this low-cost hack. Place bags of opened cat litter in each corner of the container to trap excess moisture in the air. They will have to be replaced regularly.

Install Cross-Ventilation Windows.

Separate Multiple Containers by 6 Feet to Increase Airflow.

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