Innovative Ways to Convert 20’ Shipping Containers

Creative Transformations of 20’ Shipping Containers

It is well known that 20’ shipping containers provide the perfect storage solutions for your home, agricultural business, construction worksite and more. The durable stainless steel structure, weatherproof seals and affordability make them the perfect option for a multitude of storage needs. However, there are so many creative ways to use a container that have nothing to do with storing! Check out some of these creative ways our customers have transformed their 20’ shipping containers.

10 Cool Ways to Transform 20’ Shipping Containers

Home Office: If your home cannot accommodate an office and you don’t need much room, 20’ shipping containers can easily convert into a cozy work from home space. They can be upgraded to include electricity, lighting and all the perks of an office building on your own property – no commuting required!

Dry Pantry: Whether for a restaurant business or personal use a shipping container is the perfect place to store dry goods and nonperishable food items. Your goods will be safeguarded against the weather, humidity, pests and rodents all year long.

Medical Supply Storage: Hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and charity organizations should consider investing in a portable storage container to hold supplies, medications, vaccines and more. Since these items are highly sought after, see ways to increase your containers security.

Indoor Garden: Converting a 20’ shipping container into an indoor garden not only allows you to grow an abundance of fruits, vegetables and plants all year long, it is also eco-friendly! By repurposing the steel, you’re reducing construction material waste like concrete & brick.

Garage: Probably the most common conversion of both 20’ and 40’ shipping containers. A 20’ shipping container will easily transform into a garage you can use to store cars, light machinery and regular household items.

East Coast Containers 20' Shipping Containers TransformationsPhotography Darkroom: Those who still have a passion for developing film will love the idea of having your own darkroom right in your backyard!

Workshop: Many hobbyist do not have the luxury of a dedicated workshop in their home. Convert a shipping container into an art studio, yoga space, gym or gaming room!

Wine Cellar: A little interior design, organizational shelves and the installation of air temperature controls make a storage container the perfect place to store all of your favorite wines.

Backyard Bar: Many homeowners dream of setting up a bar in their backyard oasis; those dreams are within reach with a 20’ shipping container! Whether you’re going for a tiki bar look, beer garden atmosphere or a dive, there are endless ways to set up your own backyard bar.

Outdoor Lounge: Similarly, create an entire bar/lounge feel with the addition of a deck, some cool couches/chairs, takes and décor. Your house will officially be the go-to spot every weekend!

For more fun transformations, see some awesome ways to use a 40′ shipping container!

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