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Innovative Uses for a Shipping Container

New Ways to Transform a Shipping Container

East Coast Containers Innovative Shipping Container UsesShipping containers are used primarily for the transportation or storage of various cargo, household items, work equipment and other such valuables. Their weather proof, insulation and overall durability make the shipping container exceptionally valuable for residential, construction, retail and farming use all over the United States and worldwide. However, in recent years, ingenious owners of storage containers have found many innovative and creative uses outside of the normal industries. Below are East Coast Containers’ top 12 favorite ways to transform a shipping container.

Top 12 Creative Ways to Use a Shipping Container

Shipping Container Home: With the growth of the tiny house nation and living (somewhat) off the grid, used storage containers make for surprisingly spacious homes for a fraction of the cost.

Garage: It can cost up to over $25,000 to install a detached garage into your home, almost double that for an attached garage! 20’ even 40’ new storage containers cost a fraction of that and can be delivered right to your home!

Workshop: Whether for creating art or storing a collection, a shipping container makes for a private workshop right on your property.

Emergency Hospital: In the thick of an unprecedented global pandemic, we’re seeing more and more containers being converted into portable emergency hospitals.

Restrooms: Ingenious bar owners know that the longer you’re away from your stool, the less money you’re spending. Outdoor venues have started transforming shipping containers into hygienic bathroom trailers for men and women.East Coast Containers Creative Ways to Transform Shipping Container

Sauna: Transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis by converting a used shipping container into a gorgeous steam sauna.

Swimming Pool: One of the most versatile ways we’ve seen someone transform a shipping container! Can be used for both above ground and underground swimming pools with a variety of added features including lights, ladders, heaters and more!

Indoor Garden: If you don’t have access to several acres of fertile land, a shipping container can easily be converted into an indoor garden. Without the worry of the outside climate or damaging storms, you’re free to grow a wide variety of plants, fruits and vegetables.

Schools: In parts of the world where access to funds to construct traditional school buildings is limited, converted storage containers make a great option as classrooms.

Disaster Shelter: If a home or entire community has been devastated by a natural disaster, storage containers can easily be brought in and cheaply converted to temporary housing.

Home Office: If you don’t have the space inside your home to convert to a comfortable office space, a 20’ shipping container is a much more affordable option than adding an extension.

Pop-Up Shop: Retail stores, cafes, bars and restaurants are all jumping on this new trend to ensure the sustained relevancy of their brand.

Buy Storage Containers Online

If we’ve inspired you to transform a current new storage container you have or to purchase one for an innovative design, contact East Coast Containers today! Order our 20’ or 40’ new or used storage containers online for fast delivery in North Carolina, Maryland, New York State, Rhode Island and Vermont. Buy Shipping Containers online using our form or call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 for more information.

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