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Items Not Meant for a Self-Storage Unit

What Not to Keep in a Self-Storage Unit

East Coast Container Items Not Meant to Store in Self-Storage UnitA self-storage unit is one of the most popular ways residents and business owners use to store goods and items they do not have room for on their own land. Since the property is owned and maintained by a private corporation there are rules and regulations you must follow for the safety and security of your items and other renters. Besides entry curfews and paying on time, the biggest rules pertain to items not meant to be kept inside a self-storage unit. Read below items prohibited for storage in public facilities and why investing in a used shipping container might be the better option for your storage needs.

10 Prohibited Self-Storage Unit Items

Strong Scented Items: Incense, lotions, candles, essential oils, perfumes and strong spices should not be stored in a self-storage unit as they can attract bugs and rodents.

Food: Perishable, non-perishable, even dog/cat food should never be stored in your unit. Besides causing a pest infestation, food items can ruin your other valuables when they begin to rot.

Plants: They need sun, water and fresh air to survive and will quickly die without these essentials.

Valuables: While theft in a secure self-storage facility is highly unlikely it is best to keep any monetary or sentimental valuables locked away safely on your own personal property.

Damp/Wet Items: Mold, mildew and bacteria can quickly grow and spread ruining everything in your self-storage unit.

Hazardous Materials: This includes fertilizer, pesticides, pool chemicals, oil, grease, gasoline, cleaners and paint.

Fireworks & Explosives: It is best to let off your excess 4th of July supply.

Weapons & Ammunition

Unregistered Vehicle: Boats, TV, trailer, motorcycle, car or trucks stored must be registered, insured and able to run safely. Further, the vehicle must be registered to the person renting the storage unit.

-Don’t forget to drain the oil and fuel.

Stolen Goods: For obvious reasons do not take anything that doesn’t legally belong to you and do not store it in your rented unit.

Invest in a New or Used Shipping Container

While there are some items not recommended for shipping container storage, they do give you much more flexibility than a self-storage unit. Not only are your able to access your goods any time of the day or night, but you also have a bit more control and flexibility over the items you can safely store. For more information on new and used units available for purchase, call East Coast Containers at 215-407-8529.

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