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Items not Meant for Shipping Container Storage

What Not to Keep in a Storage Container

East Coast Containers Items you Shouldn't Keep in Shipping Container StorageThe main purpose of a new or used shipping container is to provide safe and effective storage for residential, construction site and business items. However, not all household or commercial products are recommended to be stored in these units. Since a storage container isn’t climate controlled, valuable, perishable and flammable items are susceptible to the wide swings in temperatures. This could result in expensive items getting ruined or, worst case scenario, a chemical explosion. Although undoubtedly affordable & convenient, there are certain items that should not be kept in a container due to sanitary, dangerous and costly repercussions. Keep your family, employees and stored items safe by referring to our list of 15 items not meant for shipping container storage.

15 Items you Shouldn’t Store in a Shipping Container

Gasoline, Fuel & Propane Tanks

Valuable/Irreplaceable Items: For obvious reasons, anything that cannot be easily replaced or has any type of sentimental value should be kept in a safe inside your home.

Perishable Food: Storing food items, including animal food, not only leaves your container susceptible to mold growth, but also a rodent or pest infestation.

Cleaning Solutions


Documents: Birth certificates, social security cards, deeds, titles and other such hard to replace documents should be kept in a water & fireproof safe inside your home.

Firearms & Ammunition: While the ammunition has the potential to explode, firearms put your unit at risk of burglary.

Electronic Devices


Jewelry: Since a storage container, without any added security upgrades, puts your valuables at risk of theft, it is best to keep jewelry of any kind in your home.

Money: It is always best to keep cash in your bank account where is it safe and protected.

Pool Chemicals


Upholstered Furniture: If you do not have spare room in your home for an extra couch or reclining chair it is better to sell it than keep it in a storage container. The material can warp or get chewed on by bugs & rodents.

Leather Furniture: The delicate leather will not be able to withstand the extreme heat, humidity, dry and cold temperatures.

Many of the items listed above are quite obvious due to their potential to catch fire or explode. If you’re currently using a storage unit to hold items not in use in your home, read some common items you can’t store in self storage. Homeowners using a garage for storage, read some helpful tips & advice. If you’re ready to invest in a shipping container for residential, commercial or industrial storage, East Coast Containers offers a variety of new and used units. Buy shipping containers online or call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 for phone orders.

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