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Maintenance Tips to Protect your Shipping Container this Winter

Winter Shipping Container Maintenance Tips

East Coast Containers Winter Shipping Container Maintenance TipsOne of the main advantages to purchasing a storage container is their ability to withstand tough weather conditions for a long period of time. However, this doesn’t mean you should have a “set it and forget it” mentality when it comes to your unit. Keeping up on maintenance and repairs all year long, but especially in the winter, ensures your container will offer many years of protection to your valuable items. East Coast Containers, a storage container supplier, provides 5 winter shipping container maintenance tips to keep your unit in top condition when facing freezing temperatures, snow and ice.

Guide to Maintaining your Shipping Container in Winter Weather

Hard Flat Surface: The surface you place your storage container is highly important for the long term maintenance and care; this is especially true in the winter time. The ground should be hard, flat and stable to prevent melted ice & snow or rain from pooling underneath, which will lead to rusting. Consider placing your container on slabs to raise it several inches off the ground for added protection.

Thorough Cleaning: Before the winter season kicks into full gear give your shipping container a thorough cleaning both inside and out. Sandblast rust away, mix Windex & water to remove surface dirt, grease the door hinges and consider repainting. See more tips on year-round shipping container maintenance.

Make all Repairs: Minor repairs are necessary and must be kept up on to maintain the quality of the structure. Repairs should be done before the winter weather hits to prevent expensive, long-term damage. Review our guide to common shipping container repairs.

Inspect the Roof: The roofing system is highly susceptible to rust from harsh weather, pooling water and heavy snow/ice. Throughout the winter months you must regularly inspect the roof and remove all ice and snow, especially from the center. Read more guidelines for proper shipping container roof maintenance.

Lubricate Door Hinges: Extremely cold weather, plus built up dirt & grime will lead to malfunctioning door hinges. Give your hinges a thorough cleaning with a heavy-duty cleaner then spray with lubrication (WD-40) to ensure smooth operation all winter long.  

Interior & Exterior Container Maintenance Guide

Frost and other winter elements can negatively impact the safety and security of your storage container. Follow our guide to winter shipping container maintenance to ensure your unit lasts through the winter season and beyond! Check back to our blog regularly for more maintenance and repair tips and inspirations on how you can transform your used or new storage container!

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