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Storage Containers for Manufacturing Industry

There are many moving parts when it comes to the manufacturing industry. From the initial design to the final product, there are many ways for things to go missing, break or become damaged due to inadequate storage. East Coast Containers offers a wide selection of new, used and high cube storage containers for companies in the manufacturing industry. Whether your manufacturing plant requires a structure or storage solutions, shipping containers offer an affordable and ideal answer. Almost all manufacturing factories have a need for extra storage or semi-permanent structures. 20’ and 40’ containers can be purchased directly through our website and shipped to your location up & down the east coast.

East Coast Containers 20' & 40' Storage Containers for Manufacturing Industry

20’ & 40’ Manufacturing Industry Storage Solutions

Our convenient, secure shipping containers are delivered directly to your facility and placed in the optimal location you desire. With a variety of door configurations, security and sizes, you have the flexibility to use your storage container to hold expensive parts, excess inventory, important company records and more. The containers we sell are secure to protect your valuable assets from would-be thieves and weather elements. Every unit is put through a rigorous multi-point inspection to ensure the locks, seals and important components meet our high standards.

Trust East Coast Container’s storage units to help you:

  • Store machinery, parts and equipment securely
  • Reduce costs of renting offsite storage
  • Free up space inside the plant
  • Keep inventory in a safe, secure, onsite location

Fast Container Delivery to Manufacturing Plants

With tight deadlines to meet and budgets to stick to, East Coast Containers understands the importance of receiving your shipping container fast. We own a fleet of 25 trucks and flatbeds ready to deliver to your manufacturing facility 7 days per week. Standard shipping is available on all orders; you’ll receive the container within 7 business days of purchase. If you need faster delivery, choose 2 day or next day shipping at checkout (orders must be received before 12PM the previous day). View our process on how to buy a storage container online or visit our FAQ page for more information on purchasing and preparing for your container.

East Coast Containers delivers units for a wide range of industries including agriculture, construction, education, healthcare and more. We proudly deliver up and down the east coast including Philadelphia, New York City, Maine, Boston, North Carolina and more. For more information, email us or call our Pennsylvania office 215-407-8529.

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