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Most Popular Shipping Container Uses in America

Popular Conversions of Shipping Container Units

East Coast Container Popular Conversions Shipping Containers in AmericaConstructed of heavy-duty steel, shipping containers are weatherproof and built to last many years. However, after multiple transoceanic trips exposed to harsh weather, sea air and salt water, eventually they must be retired from shipping goods and cargo. Afterwards, they’ll make a unique transition to storage or any number of innovations you can think of! East Coast Containers has been selling quality used containers for the past decade and we’ve noted some of the most popular uses for shipping containers here in America and across the globe. From creative to essential and everything in between, these are some of the popular shipping container transformations.

Top 10 Popular Shipping Container Conversions

Residential & Business Storage: Due to a container’s ability to safety store and protect valuable items many Americans chose to purchase new or used shipping containers solely for storage purposes. Make sure you understand what items are not meant for container storage!

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Restaurants & Bars: Similar to the popular food truck trend, shipping container restaurants are becoming widely popular in cities with limited space and high rent prices. They also widely appeal to a growing number of people who prefer to choose establishments that emphasize eco-friendly and sustainability.

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Pop-up Retail Shops: Pop-up container markets are very popular for seasonal businesses especially Christmas boutiques, fireworks store, Halloween costumes and more.

Office Buildings: As a new generation begins to dominate the workforce we’re starting to move away from boring, uniform cubicles and find new ways to modernize corporate America. Whether it is a single office in your backyard or an entire complex, shipping containers offer flexibility, privacy and noise insulation your employees will appreciate.

Emergency Hospital: Considering the Coronavirus pandemic, we now understand the dire need to have enough available beds for patients in needs of urgent care. Shipping containers are widely popular for the use of emergency hospitals equipped with beds, equipment, medicine and everything else you would see in a hospital building.

Swimming Pool: Even an above ground pool can cost around $5,500 with an inground pool going for well over $15,000. You can easily convert a shipping container into a backyard pool paradise for a fraction of the cost!

Indoor Gardens & Greenhouses: You can fit about an acre’s worth of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs into a 40’ shipping container! Equip your container with the necessary hydroponic components and you can enjoy fresh produce all year long.

Toilets: Outdoor bars and events are always faced with the dilemma of how to provide clean and comfortable facilities to their patrons. Shipping containers can easily be repurposed to provide portable, sanitary bathrooms.

Disaster Shelters: After a hurricane, tornado or other such emergency situation displaced families need safe, reliable shelter. Storage containers are the perfect solution since they are durable, weatherproof and extremely comfortable when converted into a living space.

Workshops/Studios: With more and more people working from home, it makes sense to move their hobbies or side businesses there too! It is increasing popular for shipping containers to be converted to yoga or art studios for classes and workshops or for personal enjoyment!

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