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Office Shipping Container Design Upgrades

Interior Design Tips to Upgrade your Office Shipping Container

East Coast Containers Office Shipping Container Interior Design UpgradesThe coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of the office environment, maybe permanently. Whether you own a company or you’re part of the work force, going into the office every day is no longer a necessity. While the spare room in your home may be suitable for your basic work needs, investing in a separate storage container office is your best option for the long-term. When converting a new or used shipping container into an office there are several upgrades you need to implement to make it a fully functioning and comfortable workspace. East Coast Containers outlines 6 office shipping container upgrades you’ll need for the ultimate in work from home style & productivity.

6 Office Shipping Container Design Upgrades

Electricity: For an office to run efficiently, electricity is probably the most important upgrade you’ll need to install. Always consult with a professional electrician as the unit will need its own breaker box, outlets and switches.

Windows: Let in the natural light by installing several windows throughout the container. If you don’t plan on moving the unit, make sure you pick areas that will give you great views of the surrounding areas.

Shelving: You’ll need a place to store files, keep office supplies and display decorations. Instead of taking up valuable floor space, secure shelving against the walls.

Plants: Bring a little nature inside your shipping container office! Plants are highly beneficial in a working environment to boost creativity, clean the air and reduce stress.

Foundation: While it’s a great luxury to be able to take your home office on the road, there’s a good chance it will stay parked in your backyard. Make sure it is placed on flat, level and dry ground to avoid erosion from rainwater. A concrete foundation ensures stability and pooling water around the foundation.

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Slider Doors: Glass sliding doors give your shipping container office a more sophisticated look, while also allowing more natural light into the unit.

Buy New & Used Storage Containers Online

When making modifications to a shipping container always consult with a professional company to avoid injury and damage to the unit. To ensure you can enjoy your container office for many years, ready some easy rust prevention tips. East Coast Containers sells used, new and high cube shipping containers through our safe and secure website. We offer some of the fastest delivery times in the industry! From our lots in Newark, NJ and Baltimore, MD, we deliver up and down the east coast from North Carolina up through Maine. Order Online Today.

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