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Construction Site Storage Containers for Sale

Project managers and construction jobsites can greatly benefit from purchasing a storage container. Not only do they provide a safe, weather-proof location to store your materials and tools, but they can also be moved from one construction site to another with ease. East Coast Containers offers new, used and high cube containers (20’ & 40’ sizes) that are rugged enough to handle the toughest construction jobsite conditions. Made from weather-resistant corrugated steel, all containers are equipped with lockable doors and seals guaranteed to keep your tools, machines, equipment and supplies safe & secure. Order Online or call 215-407-8529, quick delivery available to your construction site.

East Coast Containers Buy Construction Jobsite Storage Container

Portable Construction Jobsite Storage Containers

Construction projects, no matter the scale, can take months or even a year to complete. During this time project managers need a reliable, weatherproof place to secure the expensive machinery, tools and materials. Instead of worrying about rental agreements or lugging the equipment back and forth every day, invest in a portable construction storage container for your business! The 40’ option provides plenty of room for large machinery, as well as materials, overflow and inventory. Shipping containers can also be converted into on-site offices for management, a breakroom for employees or workshop. See five innovative ways to transform a construction site shipping container.

20’ & 40’ Jobsite Shipping Containers

At East Coast Containers, we guarantee fast shipping and delivery to your construction jobsite. Our fleet of 25 trucks is out on the road 7 days a week to ensure you receive your shipping container as fast as possible. Standard shipping arrives within 5 days, we also offer rushed 2 day or next day delivery on orders we receive before noon the previous day. We save our clients time and money by cutting out the 3rd party transportation companies. We deliver all construction storage containers using company-employed drivers and a fleet of trucks that the business owns. Purchase your shipping container online and start preparing your jobsite for delivery.

Based in Morrisville, PA, East Coast Containers provides delivery throughout the greater Philadelphia area, as well as New England, Virginia, North Carolina, New York City and other states along the east coast. Each container is put through a rigorous inspection to ensure your construction equipment is safe and protected throughout the life of your container (with proper maintenance & care). For more information, questions or orders, email: eastcoastcontainersinc@gmail.com or call 215-407-8529.

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