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Portable Shipping Containers for Medical Industry

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed just how fragile our healthcare system is when pushed beyond its limits. Hospitals were full, testing sites couldn’t keep up with demand and pharmaceutical companies needed space to store delicate supplies. To provide critical care and ensure medicines were held in safe, weatherproof locations, the medical industry has turned to shipping containers to meet these critical requirements. East Coast Containers provides high quality, weatherproof, portable storage containers for the medical and healthcare industry. Our medical shipping containers are customizable, easily transportable and offer secure, temporary solutions for hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical companies. Buy Shipping Containers Online using our safe and secure website – fast delivery guaranteed.

East Coast Containers Portable Medical & pharmaceutical Industry Shipping Containers

Applications for Shipping Containers in Healthcare

Portable shipping containers are pre-designed and pre-built, allowing you to set up a pop-up medical clinic or storage facility within a few days’ time! The medical shipping containers we supply are made of durable, weatherproof corrugated steel. They not only withstand severe weather conditions, but also provide important protection against fire, temperature fluctuation and wear & tear from handling and shipping. The most common applications for our 20’ and 40’ medical industry shipping containers include:

– COVID Testing and/or Vaccination Site
– Temporary first aid center
– Patient admittance and processing checkpoints
– Secure storage for medical records, maintenance equipment, vaccines and medicine
– Emergency storage for beds, wheelchairs and overflow equipment

20’ & 40’ Medical Storage Containers

Storage containers can be custom designed with many accessories and add-ons to fit your needs. Electricity, insulated walls, shelving, lighting and flooring help to improve functionality. Upgraded locks, alarm system and CCTV provide enhanced protection & security to keep medical records, documents and supplies out of harm’s way. If you only need the structure as a temporary solution, they can be reused & restructured to meet the needs of a range of medical services for a one-time investment fee. Our containers can be delivered in as little as one business day from our fleet of company-owned trucks and trailers. We are out on the road 7 days per week to ensure your medical facility receives the container as quickly as possible.

For more information about our new, used & high cube containers, payment options or delivery tips, go to our FAQ page. Other inquiries and orders can be placed over the phone: 215-407-8529. East Coast Containers currently delivers to the New England area, as well as Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina and more.

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