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Creative Uses for Shipping Containers in the Military

Practical Military Uses for Shipping & Storage Containers

East Coast Containers Military Uses for Shipping & Storage ContainersShipping containers are a smart investment for a wide range of industries including medical, farming, construction and the military. Currently, there are over 17 million shipping containers in circulation throughout the world, but only about 5 million are active. There are 12 million containers sitting unused and ready to be effectively utilized by the US Government and military. While these containers can be effectively used for shipping purposes, there are many other practical uses for shipping containers in the military. You can perform a variety of upgrades and modifications for containers that make them comfortable for living & working or safe to keep sensitive paperwork and weaponry. Learn some of the recent ways the military has incorporated shipping containers into everyday use.

6 Recent Military Applications for Shipping Containers

Recycling/Reusing Purposes: An unused shipping container has approximately 7,716 pounds of steel that can be used for other military purposes. This recycled steel is vital to improving other military sectors.

Carry Ammunition & Hazard Class 1 Explosives: Since shipping containers are water-tight and structurally sound, they are a safe option to deliver and store powerful explosives and ammunition. The climate-controlled structures allow for year-round protection in the harshest weather environments.

Laboratory & Scientific Use: A large part of the military is scientific research and development. A storage container provides these researchers with a protected area to work in and experiment.

Portable Barracks: It is well-known that shipping containers convert well into residential housing, which means they’re also an effective housing solution for the military. They are mobile, quick & easy to set up and can accommodate all the necessary upgrades like heating, cooling, windows, plumbing and more.

Supply Storage: Storage containers are typically used to supply residential goods and materials, but they’re also highly effective for safely storing a wide range of military items. Use a military shipping container to keep weapons, ammunition, food, paperwork, medical supplies, uniforms, living supplies and much more.

Office Spaces: There are plenty of traditional jobs in the military that require a dedicated office space with computers, filing cabinets, etc. A shipping container can easily be converted into a mobile office, data center or central location for planning & strategizing military operations.

Buy Containers Online for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Purposes

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