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Why Install a Lockbox on a Shipping Container?

Upgrade Shipping Container Safety with a Lockbox

East Coast Containers Reasons to Install a Container LockboxA lockbox is a small, square fitting that is welded onto the doors of your shipping container unit. The box conceals the inside lock and helps prevent would-be thieves from cutting the shackles and entering the container. The mechanism makes it extremely difficult for anyone to break into your lock, therefore giving you extra security for the goods you are storing or transporting. Since a used container spends most of its life on a ship, truck or in a secure yard, which are highly guarded & secure, they do not come equipped with upgraded safety features. Before you store goods or convert your container, make sure you invest in a lockbox and other security upgrades.

Invest in a Shipping Container Lockbox for Added Security

When a shipping line builds a new container to transport goods, they are not thinking of the end users who will purchase the used item 10+ years later. A container lockbox will provide an extra level of security compared to conventional locks. The most common ways to secure the lockbox onto the container is by welding or bolting it on. Welding is the preferred method as it provides a higher means of protection, and it is permanently adhered to the container. If you do not have access to welding tools, a bolt on lockbox is a very good alternative. It can be installed at your location with standard tools, while still providing a high level of security.  

ISO & Non-ISO Lock Boxes

There are two different types of lockboxes to choose from for your storage container.

ISO: This is the standard size lockbox for all shipping and cargo containers. This is the ideal lockbox you should install if your container is used to transport goods between locations. Keep in mind it does limit the size of the padlock you can use, because it will need to fit within the space.

Non-ISO: These are larger units that can fit bigger padlocks. Upgraded non-ISO lockboxes are ideal for containers used in the medical, construction or farming industry as it provides the highest level of protection and security.

Lockboxes, as well as other security upgrades and features are necessary for added peace of mind when storing expensive and valuable items. East Coast Containers sells new and used 20’ or 40’ storage containers with fast delivery throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. Please note, our containers do not come equipped with any security features or upgrades. These are separate items that will be purchased and added on by the customer.

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