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Security Features your Shipping Container Locks Must Have

Best Storage Container Security Lock Features

East Coast Containers Important Storage Container Security Lock FeauturesWhen you invest in a shipping container to safeguard valuables against harsh weather conditions and nefarious people you should consider adding a lock for extra protection. East Coast Containers has already outlined our top 5 locks for upgraded shipping container security, which safeguard your items against thieves and wildlife pest invasions. A common thread of our recommended protection upgrades is the security lock features they all contain. Although any lock is an upgrade from nothing, below are the most important shipping container security lock features you should consider when making your purchase.

6 Most Important Shipping Container Security Lock Features

Tamper-proof: First and foremost, the most important security lock feature to consider is that the mechanism is highly tamper-proof and difficult to pick with a knife or screwdriver. Look for locks that contain alloy steel pins, which also safeguard against saws.

Thick, Durable Steel: The material the lock is made out of will aid in its ability to protect your valuables. Locks should be constructed with hardened steel for maximum security. Try to find at least 3/16-inch thick walls to insure the locks will be impenetrable.

Passcode Protected: Some brands even allow you to set up a four-digit code to unlock the device rather than using the standard key. This security lock feature ensures only the people you trust will have access to your container and, better yet, you never have to worry about misplacing the key!

Weather Resistant: Since your container will sit outside for the duration of its life, exposed to the rain, snow and sun, you want to make sure your lock can withstand these harsh elements. Over time the lock may start to rust, but purchasing a weather resident model ensure it will providing lasting security.

Drill Protection: Drilling is one of the most common methods a thief will use to break into your storage container. Look for locks that feature metal stop plates, which prevent drills from penetrating the inner workings of the device.

CEN Rating: Established by lock manufactures to accurately rank the security of their products, CEN (Central European Norm) is used to determine how well the lock will perform. The grading system ranks from 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest).

Buy New & Used Storage Containers Online

East Coast Containers is one of the largest shipping container suppliers on the east coast. Purchase directly online and we can ship to your residential or commercial property within 1 – 2 days (depending on time of purchase). For more information on our containers and upgraded security features to add on once it arrives, call our Pennsylvania office today at 215-407-8529.

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