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Shipping Container Inspection Checklist

Buyers Guide to ECC Storage Container Inspection List

East Coast Containers Inspection Checklist Shipping ContainerWhen purchasing a used or even new shipping container all reputable suppliers will thoroughly inspect the unit to ensure the utmost in safety and security. East Coast Containers has an extensive shipping container checklist every unit in our inventory must undergo before it is sold or sent to any of our residential, commercial or industrial clients. Below, we have provided the basics of our inspection which we use to check for defects, damages and deficiencies. If a container does not pass our extensive checklist, it will not be sold until all repairs are complete. Read more about inspection process below so you can be sure you’re purchasing a quality container from a local company!

ECC Shipping Container Checklist to Ensure Safety & Security

Damaged Floorboards: Although constructed with heavy-duty timber, floorboards are susceptible to degradation, splintering and even breaking altogether. We inspection the flooring structure and replace all uneven or loose boards and sand down the splinters.

Rust/Stains/Odors: While these are mostly nuisance issues, ECC still takes care to ensure rust, stains and bad odors are removed before you receive your container. Deep rust stains are sandblasted away, while we have some fool-proof methods to eliminate strong odors.

Roofing & Structural Integrity: Your containers’ structural integrity is of the utmost importance, especially if you’re considering making modifications in the future. We’ll inspect for holes, rust and the formation of small pinholes and make all necessary repairs.

Door Inspection: The door and locking mechanisms you install will be your safeguard against thieves. Our inspection will make sure the doors are properly sealed and the hinges are cleaned & lubricated.

Mold: When a container, whether new or used, sits for several months there is the possibility of mold growth from any trapped heat & humidity. As part of our inspection checklist we will find any eliminate any mold found then air out the unit for further prevention.

Purchase Reputable Storage Containers

While much more goes into our extensive shipping container inspection checklist, the above items are the most important to ensure structural integrity, safety and security for your modifications or the items you plan to store. Our new and used shipping containers are guaranteed to be well-maintained and cleaned before they are delivered to your location. For questions or to purchase a container, call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 or you can easily order online!

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