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Shipping Container Retail Shop Benefits

Reasons to Invest in a Shipping Container for your Retail Shop

East Coast Containers Shipping Container Retail Shop BenefitsThe life of an entrepreneur is much more flexible today than it was in the 1960s. With good use of social media to gain an influential following you no longer have to rely on foot traffic to bring customers through your doors – in fact, you don’t need doors at all! Whether you’re a retail clothing store, coffee shop, yoga studio, bicycle repair specialist or anything in between there are a plethora of benefits to setting up a shipping container shop, studio or business. If you strive on freedom and flexibility but have always loved the idea of opening your own store, check out our list of the benefits of opening a shipping container shop!

7 Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for Retail Shop

No Monthly Rent: While most festivals, fairs or other events charge a lot fee for the duration of your stay, in general there are no added fees associated with a shipping container retail store. Out of pocket costs include the price of your used or new storage container, renovation expenses and stocking the unit with inventory.

Portable: If your dream has always been to travel and earn money at the same time, a shipping container shop gives you all the portability and freedom you’ve been searching for! At any time you can pick up the unit, place it on a flatbed truck and move to a new location.

Safe & Secure: While a traditional storefront shop can be vulnerable to thieves, a shipping container is extremely secure! By incorporating a lock box and other shipping container security upgrades, your goods & merchandise are very safe.

Fast Construction: With just 20’ or 40’ of room for renovations your shipping container pop up shop can be ready and open for business within a few weeks. A new coat of paint, built-in shelving and incorporating some other essential accessories & upgrades are all that you need to transform your container.

Customizable Modifications: There are almost no restrictions to your retail shop’s possibilities when it comes to modifications and upgrades! From adding restrooms, electrical wiring, sliding glass doors and so much more the possibilities are almost endless.

Durable & Weather Resistant: Besides being safe and secure against damage from would-be thieves, your shipping container business store is also highly durable against heavy foot traffic, as well as harsh weather elements of wind, rain, snow and storms.

Unique: In such a competitive market, business owners are doing everything they can to stand out and make a name for their brand. A shipping container can help get you noticed and gives you the flexibility to move with your target audience.

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