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Shipping Container Roof Maintenance Tips

Guidelines for Shipping Container Roof Maintenance & Care

East Coast Containers Tips to Maintain Shipping Container Roof SystemThe proper maintenance of your storage container not only extends its life, but ensures the prolonged safety of the valuable items kept inside. The roof system especially should be well-maintained and cared for as it is the most susceptible to rust and harsh weather damage. Although constructed of corrugated sheet metal, prolonged periods of standing water can lead to rusting and the formation of small pinholes. Giving your shipping container roof extra attention will safeguard you against extensive & unnecessary repair costs. East Coast Containers, a storage container distributor, provides 5 easy shipping container roof care tips every owner should follow.

5 Tips to Properly Maintain Shipping Container Roof System

Reputable Storage Container Supplier: To ensure the highest quality and durability be sure to purchase your container from a reputable supplier. A professional distributor will check the age of the container and condition to spot for any significant damage before it is sent to your location.

Avoid too much Weight: The center portion of the shipping container roof is less structurally sound than the rest of the unit. If you walk across the roof, stack a container on top or allow too much weight from water to pool it will flex. Too much weight can result in damage to the entire structure. If you need the roof for added storage ask your supplier to reinforce it for you.

Remove Standing Water, Ice & Snow: There is a weight factor for this maintenance tip as highlighted above, but more importantly these elements can cause corrosion, rust and thin the metal material. After a period or rain or snow you should brush off any accumulation of moisture.

Clean Regularly: Every few months it is good practice to clean your entire storage container including the roof. A simply solution of mild bleach and water will work perfectly to remove surface dirt and rust. You may need to use a brush to wipe any stuck-on grime.

Avoid Alterations: The shipping container roof is specifically engineered to maintain its integrity and prevent standing water from pooling. If you change the slope of the roof it would greatly decrease the safety of your entire structure.

Storage Container Maintenance Guidelines

Although shipping containers are constructed with heavy duty steel and built to last 25+ years it is important to keep up on regular maintenance to avoid rust, structural integrity loss and damage to your personal possessions. East Coast Containers is a family owned and operated storage container supplier shipping directly to our customers on the east coast. Easily buy online and receive your unit within 2 business days!

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