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Shipping Container Rust Prevention Tips

How to Prevent Rust Buildup on a Shipping Container

East Coast Containers Storage & Shipping Container Rust Prevention ShipsConstructed from durable corrugated steel, storage containers are meant to withstand the corrosive elements from rain, saltwater and industrial pollutants. However, they are susceptible to physical damage from being transported on and off cargo ships and trucks. The loading & unloading process can chip away at the paint coating, which contributes to corrosion and, eventually, leads to rust. Rust is very dangerous to your container’s structural integrity because it corrodes and disintegrates the metal. Once rust starts to form, your container’s useful life is significantly reduced. Learn the most effective shipping container rust prevention tips to ensure a long, durable life for your container & the valuables kept inside.

7 Effective Tips to Prevent Shipping Container Rust

Monthly Inspections: Regular inspections of the most integral parts of your container allow you to spot small repairs before they turn costly or dangerous. Every month you should check the roof, flooring and foundation for pooling water or the beginning of rust.

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Invest in Regular Maintenance: It’s easy to think of a storage container as a “set it and forget it” solution to storage, but the reality is they need regular maintenance to maintain safe structural integrity. Seasonal maintenance & repairs should be done to the flooring, roofing, doors and hinges to ensure they are functioning properly.

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Avoid Constant Contact with Water: Frequent pooling of water on the roof or around the foundation is the number one cause of rust on your shipping container. Keep it on a raised platform, dry pooling water and remove snow/ice immediately to keep rust from collecting.

Improve Container Ventilation: While storage containers are ideal for long-term storage because they are airtight and watertight this can cause condensation to get trapped. Make sure you have good ventilation to prevent rust from forming on the inside.

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Apply Zinc Paint: An annual coating of quality zinc paint will significantly reduce rust formation.

Repair Rust Patches Immediately: You can easily treat small patches of rust by grinding or sandblasting it down to the bare metal then painting over the surface with a primer.  

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Build a Sturdy Foundation: If your storage container is stationary, consider building a foundation to avoid sinking/settling into the ground.

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