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Shipping Container Security Upgrades to Protect your Valuables

Shipping Container Security Upgrades for Extra Protection

East Coast Containers Added Shipping Container Security FeaturesNew and used storage containers are constructed with heavy-duty steel and feature robust doors, timber flooring, durable seals and secure locking mechanisms. While this will protect your possessions against harmful weather elements, it does not ensure 100% protection against criminals looking for any way to gain access. Extra shipping container security measures must be put into place for protection against even the craftiest thieves. East Coast Containers, a premier shipping container supplier, offers 6 ways you can increase shipping container security for extra defense. These cost-efficient methods can apply to residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural container owners!

6 Easy Ways to Increase your Shipping Container Security

Padlocks: A padlock is the easiest way to increase the security of your shipping container – it is also one of the cheapest. A simple trip to your local hardware store will afford you with hundreds of lock options ranging from $20 up to $100+ depending on the brand and materials you prefer.

Lock Boxes: Double up the security on your locks by pairing the padlock with a container lock box. It is placed over the padlock to ensure menacing thieves cannot damage and remove the padlock. You can easily install it with a few bolts or even welding if necessary. 

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Alarm System: A security system is a great option for anyone planning to store their valuables inside the container for an extended period of time, especially if you do not plan on being on the premises every day. For best results, hire a professional security system installation company to ensure proper setup.

Location: The location of your container has a huge effect on its overall security. It should be placed set back on your property, away from the road, where it will not attracted any unwanted attention.

Outdoor Security: To increase your shipping container security you not only need to secure the actual unit, but the surrounding outdoor area as well. Besides a security system equipped with cameras and sensors, consider installing tall fencing around the container.

Barred Windows: If you’ve equipped your container with windows, it is highly recommended to put up security bars. You can still enjoy all of the added bonuses, but with upgraded security against thieves.

Buy Storage Containers Online

A storage container is a great investment to protect valuable home items, construction site machinery, agricultural goods and much more. If you’re ready to make your purchase, be sure to buy from a reliable, family owned container supplier such as East Coast Containers. We offer high quality and durable new and used units; buy directly online from our safe & secure website.

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