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Shipping Containers for Sale New Hampshire

For many residents and business owners in New Hampshire, a shipping container is a necessity to safely store household items, lawn care equipment, tools, machinery, cars and more. Harsh winters, heavy snow & rain fall, followed by humid summers leave your valuable items susceptible to irreversible damage. Protect your personal or business investments with the purchase of a storage container from East Coast Containers. We offer high quality, durable new 20’ & 40’ storage containers, as well as used 20’ or 40’ storage containers. In order to fulfill your storage needs, we offer guaranteed fast shipping to your New Hampshire home, construction worksite or business, 7 days per week.

East Coast Containers Order Shipping Containers New Hampshire

Buy Shipping Containers Online New Hampshire

New Storage Containers: East Coast Containers’ inventory includes both 20’ and 40’ new shipping containers. New containers are less than 1 year old and offer the highest level of aesthetics, because they’ve yet to be exposed to the elements. New inventory is free of rust, dents, scratches and logos from past use. Learn more about our New Storage Containers.

Used Storage Containers: If mismatched colors, logos and dents don’t bother you, a used container will meet all of your storage needs at a lesser cost. Although used, we guarantee the same quality, durability and weather-resistance as the new inventory. Before shipped to your New Hampshire location, used containers are put through a meticulous quality control test which includes testing all doors, locks, seals and flooring. Learn more about our Used Storage Containers.

Fast Shipping Container Delivery in NH

Whether your storage needs call for a large 40’ shipping container or the smaller 20’ option, East Coast Containers guarantees the fastest shipping in the industry. Since all our inventory is housed on our property in either Newark, NJ or Baltimore, MD, we offer our customers the convenience of having their container delivered within a few days! Our company employed drivers have access to a fleet of 25 trucks to provide delivery 7 days per week. To fully accommodate our New Hampshire client’s storage needs & ensure delivery order deadlines are met, our fleet includes short trucks, long bed trucks and trailers.

Top Industries Utilizing New & Used Storage Containers

Shipping containers are used across the globe in a wide variety of industries. While they provide a safe and secure option to store goods and machinery, today you’ll see containers transformed into homes, schools, emergency hospitals, office suites, retail stores and much more. Containers feature superior strength and weather-resistant seals, making them the preferred option for many industries including construction, manufacturing, education, healthcare, agriculture and more.


Storage containers provide durable, weatherproof, secure structures to house expensive materials, tools and equipment.


Warehouses need ample storage to safeguard raw materials and inventory.


Transform a shipping container into a dedicated classroom, student workshop, science lab and more. They can be modified to install insulation, AC & heating systems to maintain temperatures and regulate humidity.


Storage containers are widely used in the agricultural and farming industries. They safely store equipment, machinery, raw materials, livestock food and products.


Similar to the educational industry, in healthcare a container is converted into mobile hospitals and emergency clinics. They can even be equipped to maintain aseptic conditions to perform surgical operations.

You can order your New Hampshire shipping container directly through our safe & secure website. On our order form, simply enter your zip code to pull up available inventory in your area, select your container, place your order & await confirmation, delivery instructions & date of shipment. Please note on your order form which way you’d like us to face the box container doors: facing cab of truck OR facing rear of truck. For questions, please email us or call 215-407-8529.

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