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Shipping Containers for Schools & the Education Industry

Shipping containers are versatile, cost-effective, long-term storage solutions ideal for school grounds, college campuses and the education industry. A safe and secure new or used storage container can be used to hold furniture, books, electronics, sports equipment, supplies or maintenance tools. If your school grounds are lacking sufficient space for classrooms, a shipping container can be transformed into an additional building. A container can be easily upgraded by adding shelving, ventilation, HVAC, lighting and electricity. Some schools use them as an extension to an existing brick-and-mortar structure. Educational institutes in the private or public sector, academic or vocational, can benefit from shipping containers! Buy Shipping Containers online using our secure website – fast shipping guaranteed.

East Coast Containers Shipping Containers Education Industry, Schools, Colleges

Types of Shipping Container Buildings for Schools & Colleges

If you think it is impractical to transform a plain-looking shipping container into additional buildings and structures for your educational facility, you are mistaken. Modern technology, plus a coat of paint, make it easy to use shipping containers as storage or new structures on campus.

Construction of a Small School

If your current educational facility has been decimated by a natural disaster or fire, shipping containers provide an affordable, temporary facility.

Additional Single Classroom

If an influx of unexpected children for the next semester means you’re too tight on space, a storage container is the best choice. East Coast Containers can deliver containers to your school campus in less than 1 week.

Extracurricular Activity Clubhouse

When all classrooms are full, use a storage container to ensure students don’t miss out on the extracurricular activities and club meetings they are a part of.

Student Workshops

Art, music and woodwork classes could benefit from the seclusion a shipping container provides.

Science Lab

Whether you’re dealing with dangerous chemicals at the collegiate level or simple experiments for school-age children, a separate storage container facility for a science lab is a smart choice for your educational institute.

20’ & 40’ Shipping Containers for Education System

Storage containers can be customized with my accessories and upgrades to fit the needs of your school. Electricity, insulation, lighting and custom flooring help to improve comfort and functionality. If you’re simply using the container for storage, upgraded locks, alarm systems and CCTV provide enhanced protection for personal documents, expensive equipment and supplies. Our containers can be delivered in as little as one business day from our fleet of company-owned trucks. We are on the road 7 days per week to ensure your educational facility receives the container in a timely manner.

For more information about new containers, used containers or high cube containers, payments, delivery tips & more, visit our FAQ page. Other questions and orders can be placed over the phone: 215-407-8529. We deliver up and down the east coast to Boston MA, New England, Philadelphia, Virginia and more.

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