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Quality New & Used Storage Containers

East Coast Containers offers a large inventory of new and used box containers stored at our warehouse. When you purchase through our website, your container is shipped directly to you with our own fleet of trucks and employed drivers. We save our customers time and money by cutting out the middle man. Below is a list of the most common questions our clients have when ordering, purchasing and receiving a shipping container delivery.

East Coast Containers Common Storage Container FAQ

20 Common Storage Container FAQ

What is a shipping/storage container?

It is a storage container is a steel, weather-proof box used to transport goods internationally. Once they’ve completed their journey, they’re resold to be used for storage space or even transformed into homes, offices, restaurants and more!

What size box containers are available?

East Coast Containers sells 20’ and 40’ new and used box containers, as well as 40′ High Cube containers.

How do I buy a container?

The East Coast Containers website allows you to easily select the box container of your choice, order & pay online. Once your order is confirmed, delivery instructions and date will be emailed so you can prepare to receive the shipment.

How can I make payment?

Through our online ordering processor, we accept all major debit and credit cards.

How should I prepare for the delivery?

Our box containers can sit directly on the ground and on most surfaces. It is best to choose level ground on concrete or gravel. The most important preparation is to ensure our driver has ample room to back in and unload the container.

Please also tell us which way to load the box container doors: facing cab of truck OR facing rear of truck. If the doors face the rear, the doors of the container will come off the trailer first. 

How much space is required for delivery?

90’ clearance is recommended for 20’ containers and 120’ clearance for 40’ containers. The trucks will also need 20’ vertical clearance and 15’ for entering the delivery site. Please be sure the site is clear of power lines and tree branches for the safety of our drivers. Feel free to email us a picture of your site in advance to ensure you’re in compliance.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Since East Coast Containers is both the seller and transporter, we save our customers time on delivery by cutting out the middle man. You can receive your delivery as soon as the next day or within a few days. We offer delivery 7 days per week – even on weekends.

How are containers delivered?

Our fleet of 25 trucks include short trucks, long bed trucks and trailers to safely and quickly delivery your containers. We safe our customers time by cutting out the middle man, East Coast Containers is the seller and transporter of our quality box containers.

What is a new box container?

New storage containers are less than 1 year old and offer the highest level of aesthetics. Since they’ve yet to be exposed to the marine environment or container depot, they are pristine in condition. New box containers are 1 solid color with no logos.

What is a used box container?

Used storage containers will vary in color, display several logos, dents, scratches and rust. While they may not be aesthetically pristine, they are in very good condition and will meet your storage needs. We guarantee all doors, seals and flooring will be intact and working.

What is a High Cube Container?

High cube containers are very similar to new or used 40’ containers except they offer one extra foot of height or ~344 cubic feet of storage capacity.

What are the measurements/weight of my container

20’ Shipping Containers:
20ft External Length
19ft 9in Internal Length
8ft 6in External Height
7ft 10in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 10in Internal Width

40’ Shipping Containers
40ft External Length
39ft 9in Internal Length
8ft 6in External Height
7ft 10in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 10in Internal Width

40’ High Cube Containers
40ft External Length
39ft 5in Internal Length
9ft 6in External Height
8ft 9in Internal Height
8ft External Width
7ft 8in Internal Width

Can I see the container before I purchase?

While you cannot come to our facility to physically see our box containers in stock, our website easily displays all of our available inventory.

Do you price match?

We pride ourselves on offering quality box containers at competitive prices. Since we do not use a 3rd party shipping company, our prices beat the competition!

How do I know I’m getting a quality container?

When we receive containers to our facility they are rigorously checked for quality control.

Is pickup available?

Yes. We now offer pickup from our office-base location in Morrisville, PA. Pickup is available for 20FT. used containers on Saturdays only from 7AM – 1PM. Call ahead to confirm availability.

What industries use shipping containers?

Pretty much any industry in need of a durable, weather-proof storage solution will find a shipping container very useful and affordable. The most common industries include construction, military, oil/gas, government, farming and more.

Should I buy new or used?

This is a personal preference since our used containers are in great condition & just as durable as new. The only difference depends on whether the aesthetic or look of the container is important for you and your storage needs.

Should I rent or buy?

Buying is the best option especially if you plan on using the container for more than 1 year or if any modifications are going to be made.

What should I look for in a quality container supplier?

A knowledgeable, friendly company with an up-to-date website and great reviews. Being able to contact the company for additional questions is also important.

Do I need a foundation for my shipping container?

If you plan on moving the container periodically or the ground is flat and dry you do not need to build a foundation. But, shipping container homes DO NEED a foundation.

Read More: Reasons to Build a Foundation for your Shipping Container

Do I need a permit?

Contact your local municipality to find out the specific requirements for temporary structures and zoning regulating in your area.

Why are there so many different names for storage containers?

When searching for a storage or shipping container you’ll see many different variations come up: sea cans, ISO containers, portable storage units, connex containers, steel containers and more. In short, they all mean the same thing.

Where do you deliver containers to?

Currently, East Coast Containers ships up and down the east coast as far south as North Carolina all the way up to Maine.

What if I have a question that was not answered here?

For any other questions not answered above, please call us at 215-407-8529 or send us an email. We’ll be happy to answer your questions in a timely manner.

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