Smart Reasons to Invest in Construction Storage Containers

Invest in Storage Containers for your Construction Worksite

East Coast Containers Reasons to Invest in Construction Storage ContainersConstruction projects, large and small, require a tremendous amount of tools, materials, equipment and machinery. Not only is it difficult to track each of these items, it is extremely inconvenient to lug them back and forth to the construction site every single day. For these reasons and others it is becoming more and more clear that contractors should invest in construction storage containers for onsite convenience. East Coast Containers, a family owned & operated container supplier, has highlighted 10 reasons you should buy a shipping container for your construction worksite.

10 Reasons to Purchase Construction Storage Containers

Cost effective storage solutions: Renting an offsite storage unit is not only highly inconvenient, but becomes extremely expensive, especially if the construction project runs 1 year or more. Construction storage containers delivered directly to your worksite can stay there for the length of the project and are extremely cost efficient. A 20’ used storage container from East Coast Containers starts at just $2,000, plus delivery.

Safe & secure inventory: Your inventory and valuable equipment will be safe and secure against both theft and the weather. Containers are built to last, constructed with durable & weatherproof corrugated steel, heavy doors, secure locks, sturdy flooring and waterproof seals.

Convenience: All tools, equipment, materials, machinery and documents are conveniently (and safely) stored right on your construction worksite.

Mobility: Once your construction project is complete, you can load up the storage container on a truck or flatbed and bring it to your next worksite!

No assembly needed: Construction storage containers are delivered directly to your worksite intact and ready for use immediately. This further lends to their cost efficiency as you’re avoiding construction costs and delays in project deadlines.

Size variations: Whether you’re working on a highway development project, building a new office complex or installing public utility lines, the storage needs of every worksite vary greatly. East Coast Containers provides several sizes of construction storage units including 20’ standard, 40’ high cube and 40’ standard.

Not just made for storage: There are many creative ways to use a shipping container that don’t involve storage at all! You can easily convert these into on-site office spaces, a workshop for welding, even restrooms! Check out more creative ways to transform a shipping container.

East Coast Containers Buy Construction Storage Containers OnlineCustomizable: You can easily install shelves, cabinets, tool racks and more to keep your worksite essentials highly organized.

Weather proof: Weather damage is a major concern for all contractors and construction workers. Our construction storage containers will project your highly valuable items from even the most treacherous weather conditions.

Fast delivery directly onsite: With deadlines to meet, we understand how important it is to receive your shipping container quickly. East Cost Containers delivers 7 days per week directly to your construction site. Visit our box container FAQ page for information on how to prepare for your delivery.

Buy Shipping Containers for Worksites Online

East Coast Containers sells portable shipping containers directly through our safe & secure website. Buy shipping containers online or call our Pennsylvania office at 215-407-8529 for phone orders. We ship up and down the east coast from North Carolina through Maryland to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and ending in Maine.

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