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Maintenance Tips to Protect your Shipping Container this Spring

Spring Season Shipping Container Maintenance Tips

East Coast Container Spring Shipping Container Maintenance TipsWhen you invest the time and energy into the proper seasonal maintenance and care of your shipping container it can last for 15 – 20+ years. Spring is an especially crucial time for container maintenance. Not only have you just gotten out of a rough winter with freezing temperature, snow and ice, but you’re now going to enter a season known for high volumes of rain. Water and the freeze-thaw cycle can expedite rust and corrosion; when left untreated these elements cause severe structural damage. Refer to our easy guide for Spring shipping container maintenance to protect your investment and ensure your valuables are well protected all year long.

6 Tips to Protect your Storage Container this Spring

Roof Repair: The shipping container roof is the most susceptible to water damage. Walk around the inside with the doors shut to see if any sunlight shines through. Next, climb onto the roof to check for pooling water, mold, rust and dents. These repairs should be taken care of immediately to prevent future, expensive issues.

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Remove & Patch Rust: Check the roof, sides and interior/exterior corners for rust. Small spots can easily be sanded down and repainted, while larger areas may have to be sand blasted & repatched. Even tiny areas should be addressed right away as they can quickly spread and cause corrosion.

Check the Foundation: Whether you built a foundation or have the container laying on a flat surface, the ground should be checked regularly. Not only is the container susceptible to damage from water, but so is the foundation. For extra protection, use a bubble level to ensure the foundation is completely level.

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Inspect the Flooring: Since the flooring is constructed out of wood, over time it can be damaged by water or simple wear & tear. The boards are relatively easy to remove and replace.

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Lubricate the Doors: It is common for the doors, hinges and locks to get a slight buildup of rust, dirt & grime. Spraying these components with WD-40 regularly will ensure they swing, open and lock properly.

Get Rid of Musty/Lingering Odors: Odors can develop during the winter months, since there is little ventilation and opportunity for fresh air to enter the unit. A thorough washing and airing out the container go a long way in removing any smells.

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