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If you’re in the market for a storage solution for your construction worksite, industrial project or even at your home you can’t settle for just any container. East Coast Containers, a family owned & operated shipping container supplier, offers 20’ & 40’ new or used models made out of industrial grade corrugated steel. This high quality steel material provides the utmost in safety & durability, protecting your investments against the weather, humidity/mold growth, pest invasions and more. Each container we sell is constructed with steel, heavy duty timber wood, weatherproof seals and ultra-secure locks. All units are held at our facilities in either Newark, NJ or Baltimore, MD and shipped directly to our customers on the east coast from North Carolina up through Maine.

East Coast Containers Benefits Steel Storage Containers

Benefits of Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers are by far the most durable, sturdy and secure option you can purchase no matter what you’re looking to store. These benefits combined with their relative affordability, high-strength flooring and weatherproof seals make them an attractive choice across a wide range of consumers in an array of industries. Buyers in all markets, from homeowners to retail, construction, agriculture and healthcare, are finding ingenious ways to utilize and repurpose steel storage containers. While still your best bet for storing expensive machinery, documents, furniture and inventory, more than ever we’re seeing crafty shoppers convert these robust vessels into pop up shops, homes, offices, garages, swimming pools and so much more.

Fast Shipping Container Delivery – 7 days!

At East Coast Containers we pride ourselves on offering our clients the fastest shipping in the industry. Our team of drivers has access to a fleet of 25 trucks & flatbeds are available to deliver 7 days per week. Furthermore, by cutting out the middle man transportation company, we also save our clients’ money! We base our business on superior customer service, upfront pricing and fast shipping. Every steel storage container unit we have available for sale has been put through a rigorous quality control test to ensure you only receive a top-of-the-line container to store your valuable items.

Our safe and secure website makes it very easy & convenient to make your container purchase. Simply enter your zip code to see the steel containers available for sale & select the unit you prefer. After you place your order you will receive confirmation, delivery instructions and date of shipment. Please include specific delivery instructions as to which way you’d like us to lead the box container doors: facing cab of truck OR facing rear of truck. If you have any questions, please call our Pennsylvania office today at 215-407-8529.

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